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Choosing Eyeglasses That Suits You

Eye glasses can help us to see better. They are worn by many people to help correct their vision. Some people just wear eye glasses occasionally for reading or being on the computer. When you go to renew your eye glass prescription each year you should try and pick eye glasses that flatter your face .

The first step, according to eyewear styling experts, is to determine the different aspects of your lifestyle. You can start the process by defining your lifestyle and what you might need to complement it.

Sometimes it can be hard knowing which type of glasses would suit you best. It is good to have a family member or friend around to help you choose a set of glasses that will compliment your appearance. If your old eye glasses are too big or too small you will want to go with a different size frame to change the way they look. The color of your frames are important to. If your frame color is too light then they may be less noticeable then if you were to choose a darker frame.

When choosing eye glasses take in mind the color of yourcomplexion and hair color. This will better help you to make the right decision when choosing eye glasses. Your complexion and hair color will make a lot of difference on how your glasses look on your face. The shape of your face may also make a difference on how your glasses look on your face. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing new eye glasses. The important thing is to pick a pair of eye glasses out that you like and that you feel comfortable wearing all the time.

Here is what the eyewear experts suggest in terms of styling, color, material and size for varying lifestyles.

Eyeglass Frames for Conservatives and Businesspeople
If you fall into this category, it is best to stay with recognizable shapes such as ovals, rectangles and almonds. For the more classic person, these easy, non-complicated frame styles are much better than shapes that are new and unusual. Thin plastics and metals (Titanium and stainless steel) are also recommended. Brown, golden tones, silver, burgundy and coffee are good for women.

Artists and Other Creative People
Modern shapes, such as geometrics in thicker and larger plastics, are a good choice for you; so are metals in interesting colors and shapes. Try retro styling and animal patterns. Today’s larger-sized eyeglasses are also an option, as are more unusual colors such as blue, green and purple. Multi-colored laminations in plastic lenses let you mix it up.

Baby Boomers and Seniors
Choosing a modern look keeps you from aging yourself unnecessarily with your eyeglasses. A soft cat-eye eyeglass frame shape is recommended for women. Lighter, shinier hues are advisable for women as they add life to the face. It is best to stay away from silver, black and dark, dull colors.


Without constraints such as a conservative office environment, you have a lot more leeway in terms of styling, including color and shape.

Take advantage of your freedom, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Unusual shapes, bright colors, larger sizes and interesting details such as color laminations are all readily available in a variety of prices and brand names. You can go retro or mod, academic or artsy. And these days, with so many choices at different price points, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a cool look.

Busy Moms
For the mother-on-the-go  with little time to worry about clothing and eyeglasses styling, a basic yet stylish pair of eyeglasses will work best.

For moms, ovals, upswept rectangles and soft cat-eye shapes provide easy function and still look great. Depending on your own personal style, you could choose to amplify the fashion effect of a basic shape with details such as jewelry-like metal accents or even rhinestones. Interesting colors such as plum, deep red, soft green and black can also add a fashion edge to a basic frame.

Look for tough plastic materials or metals designed to snap back into shape when bent. Also, spring hinges withstand tugging better than traditional plain-Jane screw types.

Active and Athletic People
While you may fall into any of the above categories, you also find the time to be active and participate in sports, so eyewear choice becomes even more critical for you.

You require one pair of eyeglasses for your daytime functions as well as something that is conducive to the activities and sports you perform after work. There are many types of sports eyewear on the market that provide comfort, technical functions and enhance your performance.

Styling can range from wraparounds to shields to styles that look more like regular eyeglasses and sunglasses. An important factor in sports eyewear is the lens: polarized lenses can help reduce glare off water, polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant for impact sports and different tints work to enhance different lighting conditions.

So the best route to finding the appropriate eyeglasses for yourself includes first knowing your lifestyle and activities, seeing what is available on today’s eyewear market in terms of style, color and price options and then working with a good optician to find what’s best for you.

Tips for selecting eyeglasses:

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