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Choosing the Right Pair of Shoes

Before you blow your money on a pair of  shoes, it’s important to understand the sport for which the same are being chosen, walkingrunning, jumping etc.

In 1996 MBT (Masai Barefoot Technologyshoes came into existence proclaimed as a healthy version of the original “anti-shoes”. According to the introduction, these shoes can accelerate recovery after tough workouts and support the treatment of injuries, which make them perfect for everybody. With few exceptions, all sports require some type of footwear depending on kind of motion and stress-level.

Shoes vs. Specific Sport:

In the 1970’s sports shoe manufacturers employed experts to conduct research into how humans run. They also investigated the shock effect to the body caused by the collision between the feet and the ground. Their finding helped to develop new, improved sports shoes.

Their research found three types of running styles:

  • Neutral: This is where the heel of the runner makes contact with the ground and the foot travels in a straight line as it moves forward.
  • Pronation: This where the heel hits the ground but this time the foot moves to the side as it travels forward. It refers to the inward roll of the foot.
  • Supenation: This is where the heel hits the ground and the foot rolls outward

Because of sports shoes becoming the most essential part in sports, it is better for you to find shoes which have the strong durability. It will really be needed for a good sport performance.

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