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6 Christmas Makeup Looks That You Can Totally DIY


This Christmas, try on these 6 killer makeup looks to grab all eyeballs, plus they are super easy to DIY!


If you don’t want to go for a traditional black smokey eye, how about a brown one instead? With the right shades blended together, the look is just as popping, but it’s much easier to wear than the harsh black and dark grey tones that you’d normally find. You can use the brown hues from your highlighter and contour palette if you don’t have the right tools for the job. We’ve managed to recreate an entire brown smokey eye look just with that one contour palette alone and a big fluffy blending brush.

Products used: Lime Crime Venus Palette, Vivienne Sabo gel liner, NYX Eyebrow Clear Gel, and Makeup Forever glitter


For a really sparkly way to revamp your makeup for this festive season, grab your silver liner, and buy yourself a small pop of silver glitter too. Once you’ve added your traditional black eyeliner, give it a little something extra by outlining the edge of it with your silver liner, applying the tiniest amount of glitter sparkle just to bring it to life. Simple, effective, and perfect for Christmas!

Lips: MAC lipstick in Como La Flor (Selena collection).


If you want to achieve a look as glamorous as this, you’re going to need to learn how to blend your eyeshadow, and the easiest way to start doing this is to practice blending two shades together on your hand or arm first. When working with deeper, matte shades such as the Christmas makeup ideas to copy this season you can see here, it’s best to start with a little eyeshadow, and build your way up. It’s easier to apply more as and when you need it than it is to take it away once it’s already on your face.


How about a classically festive look? Gold eyes, plenty of liquid eyeliner, and a pop of red matte lips to finish it all off. It’s so classic, and so very glamorous too, so you can understand why it makes to the list of Christmas makeup looks to copy this season! If you struggle to keep your hands steady when applying eyelashes, which are clearly essential for this wowing look, keep your elbows on a flat surface and look down into your mirror. This can help to stop the shaking that often happens when you’re trying to concentrate on getting them just-so, and stability is always important for a vital part of the makeup look such as this one.

Eyes: ABH single eyeshadows in Orange Soda, Sienna, Noir and Amber.

Lips: Beauty Bakerie Makeup in Cranberry Stiletto Lip Whip.


Next, we have a gold and green look. For this, the eyes are dramatic and stylish. On the upper eyelid there is a light eyeshadow blend with black and glitter eyeliner. You will see on the lower lid that there is a dark green eyeshadow with a jewel tone eyeliner. This is such a glam, festive idea. For a bolder look, you can choose a more vibrant green.


Next, we have this super glam look. The eyes have a beautiful silver tone with sparkles and black eyeliner. Makeup like this is a great choice for the ladies who want to try a little sparkle without being too over the top. Pair with red lips for a bold, festive look or with nude or pink lips for subtle and chic makeup. Either way, you will look stunning!

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