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Indulge yourself in Weekend Cleansing Programme

Indulge yourself in Weekend Cleansing Programme

Every now and then, ideally once every four to six weeks, it is a good idea to devote a whole weekend to yourself. Tell partners and friends that you are otherwise engaged, or ask your husband or a friend to look after the children. If you feel you cannot spare a whole weekend, at least try to get a full day. Giving time to yourself should be an empowering experience, but it may feel strange at first.


The aim of this programme is to enable you to take stock of your body. You could use the weekend to lose a little weight, to detoxify your body of needless substances, or simply to re-establish a balance in your life. Don’t expect to feel totally different after one weekend; this is just one small positive step.


If you suffer from any medical conditions such as diabetes or cancer or regularly take any medication, you should check with your doctor before you engage on a cleansing programme, as you may need to modify it slightly to accommodate your specific needs.

Planning Your Time

General Guidelines

Remember to examine your body regularly. Get advice on how to examine your breasts and do this at least once a week. Don’t just rely on your doctor to pick up problems: you know your body better than anyone, so keep in contact and you will notice if things are changing. Report any changes or worries to your doctor.


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