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Get Stylish With Goodies By Cotton Junkies

With summer months being more prevalent than winters, our thoughts turn to looking stylish – but staying comfy – in the summer heat. What better way to stay ahead of the style stakes than with the trusty tee? Cotton Junkies has a stunning range of tees and tank tops for both him and her in the softest of cotton – and the standout designs are set to make you drool.

Centered around an ethos of natural style, sex appeal and comfort, this brand new label combines the most comfortable of materials – cotton – with modern designs in eye-catching colors from charcoal grey and electric blues, to volcano reds and sage greens. From V-necks to crew necks, these tees really are something special; and the secret is in the way the cotton is treated.

“To us, cotton embodies a universal symbol of comfort,” says a Cotton Junkies representative.

“All of our merchandise is handpicked, a blend of organic cottons with other natural materials that are US made and pre-washed for a true to you fit and style. The result is a t-shirt that is incredibly soft. We wanted to create a quality tee that serves you all day through the night, giving you the luxurious feel of ease, versatility, and movement. Our tees are comfortable, yet pulled together.”

And who can argue with that? The upshot of the way in which the cotton is treated means that shrinkage of your favourite tee is limited – so you can be confident of wearing your favourite t-shirt time and time again without it turning up in the wash in miniature! With a fantastic range of styles, this summer just got a whole lot easier for him and her – with comfort added in as an extra bonus.

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