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Couple Workout: Exercises To Bring You Closer

Time for couples to come together and share their fitness goals. Interacting physically at the gym no doubt increases intimacy, enhances fitness level. A study from Indiana University at Bloomington noted that couples who join a fitness program as a pair were more likely to stick with it (94 percent did!) than singles.

Take a walk together. A lovely walk in a park or down a tree-lined sidewalk during sunset can be a stimulating aphrodisiac. It is also the perfect opportunity to communicate; you can converse while walking and catch up on the events of the day. Strengthening the bonds of your relationship is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Doubles tennis. Playing tennis together can certainly lead to a grand slam! The sport can be quite fun, even if you’re not yet ready to win the US Open. If you’re playing doubles, it’s also a great time to build your teamwork skills, and the men have to love those short tennis skirts!

Yoga. Yoga is an excellent way to increase your flexibility. Yoga is the perfect sex enhancer because some of the positions recommended definitely require body bending. Yoga can also help relax your mind and relieve the stress of your day so you can better enjoy your private time together.

Couples’ gym time. Take a trip to the gym together, preferably to your home gym, and exercise on treadmills or stationary cycles. To stay on the same wavelength, you can even bring portable CD or MP3 players and listen to the same sexy music together as you work out. Don’t you love how your partner’s muscle move under the spandex?

Take a bike ride together. This can be a very romantic, fun-filled activity and also a wonderful exercise. Just bike around the block like when you were kids, or enjoy a longer ride around the neighbor hood. Take a picnic lunch and ride to a beautiful park, river, or beach. Go on a longer ride and stay at an intimate inn for the night.  

Horse riding. Once you get the required instruction, you’ll find horse riding is especially effective for working out the inner thighs. It is also quite a bonding experience. Continue exercising your inner thighs when you get home that night. Giddy up!

Canoeing or kayaking. These activities are great for working the arms, as you tour around a body of water before you tour around your lover’s body. Make sure to bring your life jackets. But don’t get too frisky in a canoe! Leave the lovemaking for dry land!

Paddle boating . This is another romantic activity that is an outstanding workout for your legs and that you can enjoy together.

Skiing. For those of you who enjoy being outdoors during the winter season, skiing is an adventurous way to exercise and is particularly good for your legs. Try to wear slim-fitting ski clothes so you look more like a snow bunny or an Olympic speed skier than the abominable snowman.

Aerobics. Doing a half hour of aerobic exercise together while watching a workout video can be great fun for you and your partner. Plus, if you’re both in very sexy exercise outfits or in your underwear, watching each other exercise can be quite a turn on!

Dancing. Dancing is great for burning calories. It’s fun and can also be used to seduce your mate. Most forms of active dancing will burn calories. When you are moving to the beat to your favorite music, you won’t even realize that you are giving your body a workout. Prior to making love, spend twenty minutes dancing like tune that you both enjoy-one that makes each of you feel sexy. Move your legs as much as you can. Belly-dancing moves can look quite seductive, and they also work out your stomach muscles and tone your hips and pelvis. Dance and dance close. Really close.

It’s healthier to workout together than go out to eat on every date.

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