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Diet and Detox

Diet and Detox

Today we live at a pace that would have seemed unbelievable and indeed impossible to our grandparents.

With the increasing demand of jobs, long travel, odd working hours, bringing up children and hectic social lives. We tend to become tired and rundown.

Besides our bodies are under constant assault from pollutions, stress, bad posture, sedentary jobs and own bad eating habits.

Over a period of time, these effects build up and emerge in many different forms-everything from passing infections, skin eruptions, headaches & digestive problems to serious conditions, such as ulcers, cancers and heart disease.

The more we overload over body, the more it sinks under the strain. When we begin, detoxification-we give our bodies the chance to repair and cleanse and restore a more balance state to the entire system.

Detoxification shows up in number of ways. Besides achieving a healthy weight, you can expect to have a clearer skin, healthy looking hair, strong nails and more energy. Detox also has a very calming effect on the mind, particularly if it is combined with meditation. Above all this, it puts you on the right course of long term health.

How It Works?

Our bodies are completely complex organisms in a state of constant growth and renewal on cellular level. When we pour toxins into our bodies, it treats these as a matter of urgency and works on processing them to render them harmless. This leaves the body with less energy for everyday processes of cleaning, healing and renewal. With increasing demands over a period of time, the body is unable to keep up the pace and the strain begins to show on the overworked liver and kidneys, leading to slowing down of body’s performance.

When we detox, two thing happen. First, we stop overloading the body with harmful substances and secondly, we give it plenty of the right nutrients to actually speed up the elimination of old toxins and promote cell renewal.

As you rejuvenate the cells, become healthier and you look and feel younger!

Super Scavengers

The World Health Organisation (WHO) had clearly stated that Vitamin A, C & E are vital for health. These vitamins, together with mineral selenium are known as antioxidants.

They can protect us not only against minor infections but also serious degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart diseases, as well as conditions that come with premature ageing. They work by acting as scavengers for free radicals.

We clearly need as many anti-oxidants as we can get! One of the best place to find them is in fresh fruit and vegetables and that is why these foods are vital for detoxification. Many nutrients are destroyed by cooking and that is why raw food is much more effective as a source of health and forms the core of a healthy diet plan.

Raw food and fresh juices have remarkable cleansing and regenerating effect on the entire system, as they retain all their nutrients, which might get destroyed while processing and cooking.

Juices, both fruit and vegetable are essential part of the whole process. Besides they are easily assimilated by the body and contain all the nutrients present in raw fruits and vegetables.

You can also choose from a wide range of delicious soups and salads. Try to incorporate these eating habits into your daily diet. You can eat as much as you want of the salad and soup meals. Remember to snack on as much fruit as you want during the day, as well as having at least two fresh juices daily, herb teas and of course, lots of water.

The detox diet helps to cleanse your system! The plan begins with a juice fast, which eliminates toxins at a very low level, and then continues with a highly nutritious food that promotes cellular renewal.

The diet might last for 2-4 weeks. By the fourth week you will be on your way to establish a healthy diet for future. Below is an example of what a detox diet, might look like to begin with:-

The First two Days:-
Freshly blended fruit smoothies of various colors and tastes in glass jars. Yellow, red, green. Turquoise blue background

You might drink plenty of water and herb tea throughout the day.

Good digestion is one of the cornerstones of looking and feeling your best. You can help maintain digestive health and boost your body’s natural detoxification processes with an herbal fiber colon colon cleanse. Cleansing with herbal fiber is a great, all natural way to take care of your body from the inside out.

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