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Dressing Up For Christmas Party: Do’s & Don’ts

Look sassy and sexy this Christmas!


The holiday spirit does not necessarily mean dressing up as the family Christmas tree with red lips.

Foundations are useful to even out the skin tone. Start with a Bronzer, it suits every skin tone from dark to pale at any age. It gives a gorgeous, smooth, sun tanned, shimmery look without looking overdone.

Try silver or gold glitter makeup to highlight your eyebrow and cheek bones and a glossy berry colored lip gloss. Use shimmery eye-shadows on top of your lids in combination with matte if you want. Use a Highlighter under the brow bone, on your cheeks, or on your shoulders. A wonderful and easy way to create this look is by using “Sparkle Dust”. It’s subtle and very effective. It looks great in your hair as well. Gold and silver tones are very in.

If you want to go for a vamp look, do red lipstick with no eyeliner and little to no mascara. Trendy shimmer lipstick colors range from gold, to deep red and wine shades to earth tones.

Artificial nails are of course always in. Natural nails should be short and filed straight across. Make sure that the edges aren’t sharp. Trendy nail polishes range from bronze to wine or burgundy, to earth tones. Your lipstick and nail polish doesn’t have to match, but should be from the same color family. Jazz up your nails by adding a stripe of glitter polish on each nail. If you have rhinestones, decorate one nail by sticking one or more of the stones into wet nail polish. Seal it with clear polish.

Christmas Hairstyles

You may want to put a little sparkle into your hair at a moments notice and it is easy to do if you have the essentials on hand. Sometimes all that is required is a little imagination and some great hair accessories like ribbons, jeweled clips, hair sticks, butterfly pins or jeweled headbands. Decorative bobby pins, usually with pearls or rhinestones can be used to hold your sides back or to hold your bangs to one side. You can also take them to your hairdresser to add to your updo. Hair mascara Just as the name implies, this comes in the same form as eyelash mascara and is used like it, except you apply it to individual curls or strands of hair. It is best to use it on only a few well-placed strands in order to accentuate your hairstyle

The Marcel Wave looks fantastic with a backless evening dress or a ball gown. This style is great for very short to short hair. It works great on straight or wavy hair and would be impossible with naturally curly hair.

If your hair is long enough to wear in a ponytail it is long enough to wear “up” in a curly do. Making curls that sit elegantly on top of your crown are easy to do. Start with a ponytail and tie off the ponytail at the top of your crown. Be sure to use a “hair friendly” hair tie to protect your hair. If possible, use a hair tie that matches the color or your hair and will blend in with the curls. Avoid using rubber bands or any ties that can rip your hair. To get a “finished look” make sure that you brush your hair and smooth it before you pull it up into the ponytail.

Apply a light styling gel to the top ponytail hair and then separate it off into 1″-2″ sections. Use a curling iron or add heated curlers to make the curls. Let the curls cool off before you style them. Once the curls are cool, shape them into a soft design and then carefully pin them to the top of your head as shown in the photo to the left. When you have the curls arranged the way that you want, spray the entire style with a good holding hairspray.

When your style is completely finished, give it a light spray for lots of added shine. Hold the bottle at least six inches away. These sprays have some weight associated with them so you want only a light mist on your hair


For the party animal, try a black tube dress with a zebra print long coat or a leather red long coat. Red is always a good color to wear, but red and green can be quite tacky.

Go for sleek lines: knee length faux suede skirts with knee high boots and a fitted sweater, boot leg pants with a tie back tank top. Sport some funky platform boots and for sickly cutesy appeal, throw on the Santa hat for about five minutes till someone grabs is off your dome. Get your Groove on girl!

Christmas parties an excellent opportunity to go ladylike. The little black dress is a seasonal staple, strapless with a waist-emphasizing tie.

You don’t to need stick to black – plum, green and teal shades are also hitting the hangers. Head to Warehouse for a beaded silk dress (£60) that would look great over jeans or on its own – or to Principles for winter floral chiffon (£70). Boutique at New Look has a classy mint pleated crepe (£40) number while the Reiss pleated chiffon (£145) is fantastically fuchsia and Top Shop goes beige in pleated chiffon (£35). If you want to look miles more Marilyn, opt for the gold satin halter neck dress.

Keep out the Christmas chill with a faux fur stole. Sequined scarves and beaded bags will also glam up work wear. And the hot shoes now have bows at the back of the ankle – the new erogenous zone apparently!

A thin belt is another must-have – wear it over a slim fitting knit or to top off wide-legged trousers. And scour charity shops for brooches – you can hardly do eclectic if everyone recognizes your finishing touches from the high street.

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