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Dressing Up For Special Occasions

Are you in the lookout for a party dress for Christmas or New Year’s Eve 2017? If yes, you should pay attention to the color, texture, length & sleeves of a dress in order to stand apart. Your dress could be either: long or short. The choice of Christmas and New Year’s Eve dress for you is controlled by the place where you are going to celebrate these occasions. There are some people who prefer to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve at their homes. There are other people who like to leave their homes and enjoy celebrating these occasions in a new place or any other traditional place but outside their homes.

Dresses with basques, flounces, ruffles are relevant as before, and those that insensibly emphasize your waist and hip line. Asymmetric cut shapes sleeves and hemline in fashionable New Year’s Eve outfits 2017. The texture might be lace, satin, chiffon, tulle and organza. Talking of texture, Velour or velvet is a in for 2017 season. New Year’s Eve outfits 2017 made of these fabrics embroidered with gold beads or stitched by bright thread will become the symbol of the coming year. Designs could vary from off the shoulder dresses, strapless dresses, cap-sleeve dresses, one shoulder dresses, open back dresses, sweetheart dresses, high neck dresses, long dresses, short dresses, knee length dresses, mermaid dresses and more catchy designs that allow you to select what suits the shape of your body.

2017 is the Year of the Fire feng shui element — the Fire Rooster — so to be in harmony with the energy of the year and befriend the ruling Fiery Rooster energy, it is recommended to wear the colors of the Fire feng shui element. The first six lucky colors are: Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Magenta and Pink. In addition to the Fire feng shui element colors, you can also wear the colors of the Wood element, because this is the element that creates the Fire element in feng shui. The next lucky colors are the colors of the Wood feng shui element: Green & Brown.

In order to increase your elegance and become more gorgeous while wearing formal or casual dresses and other outfits, you have to choose catchy accessories that complement what you wear and make you catchier for all of those who see you.

To spice up a dress use of pearls, beads, flowers, crystals, diamonds and feathers. There are also sequined dresses which are perfect for holiday parties since they are embellished in different ways through using sequins to sparkle while celebrating these happy occasions with family and friends.

A little slip dress can prove trending strongly – many designers have at least one in their current collections as they translate so well for hot nights.

New Year’s Eve is always full of excitement. It’s a time to celebrate and start fresh, and what better way to do this than by wearing something metallic and luxe?

Choose to look your best.

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