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Doing Away With Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is one common issue that women face, especially in winter where you are moving in and out of heated areas frequently. The skin of the scalp becomes tight and itchy and tiny flakes of dead skin are showered by combing and brushing. Dry scalp conditions are often misidentified as dandruff.  Dry scalp occurs when the hair strand exiting the scalp is not being lubricated by the sebaceous gland.

Dry Scalp

When the scalp is stressed the rest of the hair will suffer as a result.

Possible Causes:

There are a wide range of potential dry scalp causes ranging from allergic reactions to medications or foods, too much sun, environmental conditions (wind, humidity) or over washing and too much heat styling. The weather or dry weather has a proven direct impact on your scalp.

Tips to combat Dry Scalp:

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