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Dumbbells: The Best Choice For Chest Training

Dumbbells are recommended for performance of chest exercises as they allow for a greater range of motion and a deeper stretch at the bottom of the movement. Besides they provide for a better isolation and muscle contraction at the top of the movement, helping to recruit more muscle fibres within the chest and surrounding musculature.

Also, as they are harder to control and hold than Barbell, they help to strengthen and develop the important antagonistic and synergistic muscles of the chest and Shoulder.

Flat bench press is the best Chest muscle builder. It is a power exercise and is one of the Big 3 (other 2 being Squats and Deadlifts) By changing the angle of the bench you can hit hard both the upper chest ( Incline press) and lower chest (Decline press)giving a complete chest development. Dumbbell flys will build the inner chest giving it a clear separation.

Lifting the right way

The following sequence of movements will ensure that you learn how to properly lift a dumbbell off the ground and into position to start many of the exercises, all the way till you have completed

Must exercises for chest development:

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