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Emotional Fitness: A Factor In Conception

While good physical health – including healthy diet and avoiding hazards like smoking, drugs, and irradiation – is vital to successful conception and pregnancy, so too, is the emotional state. Most women are raised to think that they’ll become mothers some day. From the first baby doll to the last baby shower, girls and women are surrounded by images and expectations from parents, peers, religion, advertising, and media.

Fertility varies dramatically according to genetic inheritance, but some women’s ability to conceive starts to decline as early as 27.

Our bodies have remarkable built-in mechanisms which help us to prevent us from conceiving when we are not ready for it. Our body is less likely to ovulate when the food supplies are short, similarly the hypothalamus can can switch off its supply of stimulating hormones when it senses we are under extreme emotional stress or pressure.

A diet rich in fruit, vegetables and meats (including fish) is necessary to promote fertility. Meats, fruit and veggies are all good sources of important minerals like iron and zinc. Zinc is especially important for fertility

Women with fertility problems are much more likely to have symptoms of depression than fertile women. There are different ways to build a sound emotional health:

A good emotional health is the ability to respond to your feelings at appropriate time, facing them rather than fearing them.

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