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Enhancing Kidney Function Through Yoga

kidney function

Yoga asanas can  go a long way to help maintain and stimulate the healthy flow of fluids in the body, which can improve kidney function and revitalize energy in the second chakra. The fluids might vary from synovial fluids of the joints to the fluids of the lymphatic system as well as a healthy level of blood and urine production.

The two kidneys in a healthy individual serves the regulation of electrolytes, maintenance of acid-base balance, and regulation of blood pressure. They are also essential in the body’s natural detox role, acting as a natural filter of the blood, and remove wastes which are diverted to the urinary bladder.

There are certain yogasanas which can help to flush and cleanse the kidneys by putting pressure on them. Pranayama, particularly rapid abdominal breathing, can also tone and cleanse the kidneys and related organs.

Encouraging fluidity in the hips and pelvis can create a graceful and flowing energy in the body that promotes better organ functioning.

The energy line that stimulates the kidneys runs from the bottom of the fifth toe and through the inner knee, thigh, and sacral region. Twists, back bends, forward folds, and inner thigh stretches will stimulate the second chakra and release blockages.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

  • Kneel down with your legs together, resting on your heels.
  • Then sit to the right of your feet.
  • Lift your left leg over your right, placing the foot against the outside of the right knee. Bring your right heel in close to your buttocks. Keep the spine erect.
  • Stretch your arms out to the sides at shoulder level, and twist around to the left.
  • Now bring the right arm down on the outside of the left knee and hold the left foot in the right hand, placing your left hand on the floor behind you. As you exhale, twist as far as possible to the left. Look over the left shoulder.
  • Stay in this position for 5-10 breaths.
  • Don’t drop your shoulders at any stage of this asana. Keep your shoulders straight extending your collar bones.
  • Repeat in the same way to twist towards the left side too.

Dragon Pose

This asana stimulates the stomach and spleen meridians as well as the kidney and liver meridians and increases flexibility and mobility in the hips, psoas, quadriceps, and groin.

  • Begin on your hands and knees. Step your right foot forward and up between your hands as you release your left knee back on to the floor.
  • Find a comfortable place where you can still feel a deep stretch in the front of the thigh and groin.
  • Release your left thigh down towards the floor. Come down onto the elbows if you find that to be a more comfortable position.
  • Stay in the pose for 3-5 minutes and repeat on the other side.

Baddha Konasana (Cobbler Pose):

This is a simple seated posture that stretches the inner thighs and stimulates the kidney meridian.

  • Sit barefoot on the floor or on a folded blanket on the floor with your legs stretched out straight in front of you.
  • Place one hand on your spine at the back of your waist. If you feel vertebrae poking out, then elevate your sitting bones with an additional blanket.
  • Lift the right leg so that the knee is aimed toward the ceiling and the foot is flat on the floor aimed forward. Keeping a tight fold in the knee and release it out to the right.
  • Repeat with the left leg so that the soles of the feet pressing each other. Clasp the hands around the toes. Keep constant pressure of the heels into each other. Hold onto a strap around the feet if your back or shoulders round.
  • Stretch your knees out laterally, to the sides, not down toward the floor to increase the stretch. Soften the gaze, quiet the hearing. Breathe evenly and comfortably through your nose.

Kapotasana (Pigeon Pose)

  • From the table position, slide the right knee forward, between the hands. Let the right foot slide over to the left. Slide the left leg back, lowering the hips towards the floor.
  • Press down into the palms or fingertips, inhale and reach the crown of the head up, lengthening the spine. Exhale and sink the hips down into the floor. Roll the shoulders down and back and press and lean forward through the chest.
  • Breathe and hold for 3-6 breaths.
  • Move as deep into the posture as you can while still maintaining full deep breathing. Breathe and hold for 3-6 breaths.
  • To release: support your weight with the hands as you slide the right knee back into the table.
  • Repeat other side.

Paripurna Navasana (Full boat pose):

  • Sitting on a yoga mat pull your legs inwards bending them at knees.
  • Keep your hands by your side with palms on the ground.
  • Lean your torso backwards a little and extend hands to keep them parallel to the floor.
  • Now extend your legs and slide both your legs in between your hands.
  • Retain this pose for 30 seconds and then retreat.

The above yoga asanas works on massaging and toning your kidney muscles that boosts their proper functions.

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