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Exercising with Contact Lenses

Trying to participate in sports or exercising while wearing glasses can be rather difficult. Many hazards are posed from this practice such as destruction or damage to the glasses themselves. Also, when doing these physical activities, one may perspire and breathe heavily which fogs the glasses making sight even more difficult. For this reason, many people simply ditch their glasses and play with their hearing impaired. This can often complicate matters especially when playing contact or competitive sports. However, all is not lost. Contact lenses are a viable solution for wearing in these situations.

There are many different kinds of contact lenses. Probably the best kind to wear when exercising is rigid gas permeable lenses. These are usually not the best choice to wear everyday but they are ideal for wearing during sports. This particular kind of contact lens is designed to permit more oxygen to your cornea. Many of the drawbacks associated with soft lenses are not a concern with rigid gas permeable lenses. These lenses also are much more comfortable. Moisture is not easily absorbed with rigid gas permeable lenses. This means the eye can continue to be naturally lubricated. As a result, the contact is keep free from accumulating debris and deposits. This makes it much easier to see clearly when you are exercising or participating in competitive sports.

One form of exercise that brings special considerations for wearing contact lenses is swimming. The best way to protect your contacts lenses while swimming is to wear goggles. This can prevent irritants from getting into your contacts and your eyes. Make sure they fit tightly to prevent leakage. When swimming, a soft disposable contact lens is the better choice. This kind has a larger circumference that helps them stick better to the eyes and more difficult to come loose.”

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