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Eye Exercises

Eye Exercises

There are few exercises that can help to relax the eyes. You can try  these exercises to relieve tension and maintain healthy eyes. These exercises do not require much of effort and can be carried out any time of the day.

  1. “PALMING” OR “CUPPING” the eyes:- Put the base of your palm over closed eyes and press gently. Cover the eyes with “cupped” palms. Open the eyes and look in to darkness created by your palms. This will relax your tired eyes.
  2. Begin by opening and shutting your eyes tightly. Do this ten times, twice a day.
  3. Focus on a pencil or object held close (about 10 cm) to your face, the fix your eyes on a distant object, then look at the pencil again-do this five times.
  4. Roll your eyes in a complete circle from left to right twenty times a day, then do the same from right to left.
  5. With the head erect move the eyes-first looking at the roof and then the floor. Repeat 10 times. Again, look first to the extreme left and then extreme right.

Last , but not the least,  breathe ……. really breathe. Our body and even the eyes suffer from want of oxygen and breathing deeply will supply it to them. Remember healthy, bright, sparkling eyes look beautiful. Healthy eyes are clear. The white is really white and the pupils are bright, with smooth skin on the eyelids and around.

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