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Eye Shades

Your eyes are the most exciting and expressive feature you have, so emphasizing them with make-up is extremely important.

Your eye can be divided into three parts, when it comes to makeup:

One-third from the base of the lashes to the crease line, and two-thirds from the crease line to the eyebrow. You can achieve this proportion with well judged make-up.

Choosing the right colours for your eyes is extremely important for outstanding effect. Professional make up artists follow these basic rules:


Keep the basic principles of light and dark in mind while applying color. Dark color recedes areas, light bring areas forward.


Tips for pretty eyes

Eye makeup application asks for, practice and patience. Once you have mastered the art, eye makeup will become a matter of minutes and seconds. Eye makeup involves three steps of applying,

Applying the mascara


Applying the eye-liner

Note: Eyeliners can be worn with or without eye shadow. But… if you’re wearing eyeshadow, you must apply eyeliner. Also, don’t want to line the entire lower lash line, unless you have big eyes.

Applying eye shadow

You can own as many as you like, but no one needs to wear three eye shadows at the same time, two shades- a base and a defining tone are enough.


Eyebrows tips

The following tips will help you care for and maintain those well-groomed eyebrows:

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