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Fashion Trend Report 2019

Women Fitness brings to you the hottest fashion trends to follow in 2019!

1. Pale Blue

Looking for the next color you should invest in? Go for pastel blue.

2. Monochrome Neutrals

Going all neutral is a super simple yet hot trend that was common on the runways this year.

3. Polkadots

Yes, they are back in fashion this year.

4. Bike Shorts

You might not like it but it’s definitely an extremely popular trend.

5. Tight Pleats

Tighter than before, the micro pleat provides maximum impact as it generates not only more movement but also a more fluctuating silhouette as it expands and contracts. Science-y, eh?

6. Loud Leopard Prints

Loud leopard print was a favourite amongst the fashionistas and appeared on a variety of garments, including pants, coats, dresses, suits, and more. Unleash your own inner jungle cat, choose strong and striking designs with bold and bright colours.

7. Crochet

Lots of designers have breathed new life into this ’70s trend, so you’ll be sure to see the knitted pieces everywhere this year.

8. Mixed Patterns

Pieces that do all the work of pattern-mixing will have a major moment in the sun this spring.

9. One Cold Shoulder

Brining in a fresh upgrade to last year’s cold shoulder trend.

10. Sequins

Have sequins ever *not* been on trend? Perhaps not, but they were so prevalent at this year’s shows that we can’t ignore them.

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