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Celebrating Success: 8 female Winter Olympic (Beijing 2022) Winners featured on Women Fitness

The ongoing 2022 Winter Olympics (4 Feb 2022 – Sun 20 Feb, 2022), officially called the XXIV Olympic Winter Games and Beijing 2022, has brought accolades to athletes from different sports. We bring you snippets from their interview on the website.

1- Lara Gut: Swiss Alpine Ski Racer

Swiss skier Lara Gut-Behrami stormed to top the podium of the Beijing 2022 women’s Alpine skiing Super-G event on 11 February, edging out Mirjam Puchner of Austria (silver) and fellow Swiss Michelle Gisin (bronze).

“I love what I’m doing, skiing is my passion and my motivation is to reach my limits and be better every day. I’m lucky that I have a great family and nice people around me who are supporting me and helping me believing my dream.”

Her advice to physical injury/setback and what advice you can give to fellow sports person in a similar situation

Getting injured is never fun. From one day to the other I couldn’t move anymore, I needed help for everything and you often ask yourself things that only make you feel disappointed and don’t help you. But you have to take it as a chance, you will learn to know your body better and this will help you later when you can train again.

Work hard to be back but give your body enough time, it’s a beautiful machine but we can’t fix it as if it is a car. This is my advice; take care of it, listen to your body, love it and you will be back. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, and it’s not about patience, it’s about believing in yourself but not forgetting to respect your body.

Lara’s piece of advice for beginners: “We need passion in everything we do so, if you want to be successful in your sport, or you want to achieve your goals you have to be focused, determined but also really passionate. And there’s something my dad always told me “life is not easy, but if you smile it will feel a little bit easier and for sure it will be more fun”. I never forget this sentence when I’m in trouble.”

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2- Federica Brignone: Italian alpine ski racer

Italy alpine skiing star Federica Brignone won a silver medal in the Beijing 2022 giant slalom to enter the record books and continue her remarkable journey in the sport. She is the fifth woman to earn two medals in the event.

Before starting skiing training, the key points to keep in mind? 5 key essentials for a beginner.

  1. Be fit
  2. choose the best material for your skiing level and body,
  3. warm up,
  4. eat breakfast and
  5. Have the right clothes and accessories.

5 exercises to build full body strength and can be done while travelling

  1. Running for 30 minutes is my “recovery” and mindful time during winter. It helps me to cut off all stress of racing and travelling. Wearing the right shoes and clothing is one of the most important things while training and I chose Adidas.
  2. lateral elastic band walking 3 series × 20 each leg helps me to keep my gluteous always fit and active
  3. squats: keep my legs and back fit and active before a ski training 4×15
  4. plank and side plank to activate my core 3×1min each side
  5. push-ups to activate my upper body 4×20

“For my training I use Technogym equipment.” shares Federica Brignone, an incredibly active athlete who surfs, climbs, dances, goes enduro biking, ski touring and kite surfing, among other hobbies.

About Women Fitness website “A great fitness website, where you can find interesting tips for being healthy and learn to love yourself. It’s good that there are some sport athletes who share their habits.”

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3- Denise Herrmann: German cross-country skier and biathlete

Germany’s Denise Herrmann raced to a maiden Olympic Winter Games gold medal, winning the women’s biathlon 15km individual event in Beijing 2022 on Monday (7 February).

Accuracy on the shooting range made the difference for Herrmann, to claim victory in a time of 44:12.7.

“It’s a dream you have as a child and the dream came true today. It’s unbelievable.” Said Denise after the spectacular win.

Denise’s Training routine.

“I try to have a perfect training every day and stay healthy. Those are my main goals. It is important to work in your basics, improve your personal weaknesses and get stronger in total. For me that is on one hand to optimize the endurance training and on the other hand my shooting especially under high stress level.”

Comeback after an injury

It is normal for an athlete to have some periods which are hard and sometimes some steps backwards. You have to handle that because it is part of the life. Most important is to focus on a new goal and come back stronger. Always stay patient and have a plan in your mind what you want to do next.


“You influence and inspire a lot of strong women. Be happy. Be confident. Be strong. Be yourself! Keep going! All the best,” Xo xo Denise!

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4- Therese Johaug: Cross-Country Skier

Therese Johaug won gold in cross-country skiathlon at Beijing 2022. The Norwegian won in a time of 44:13.7 beating ROC’s Natalia Nepryaeva into silver medal position (44:43.9) with Austria’s Teresa Stadlober claiming bronze (44:44.2).

Exercises comprise your fitness regime or workout routine that you may like to share?

One exercise that is one of my favorites, is called “Elghufs” in Norwegian, with sort of translates to moose movements uphill. It´s like running with skiing poles on a steep slope, trying to imitate the cross country movement. I do 6+5+4+4+4 minute bursts, with three minute pauses in-between.

While playing professional sports, athletes often face injuries and other difficulties, how to cope up and make a comeback after an injury

When I get an injury, I always try to find ways to train around it. If I have problems with my arms, I go skiing without poles. If there is something hurting in my feet, I can go double poling without using my legs. Also it is important to work on having a strong and agile core, as it often prevents injuries from happening in the first place.

About the website,

I think that awareness around the benefits of training on health is imperative, and that in focusing on how exercise can improve life quality, you make every day a little better for everyone.

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5- Karen Chen, American figure skater.

Chen performed her program to “Butterfly Lovers’ Concerto” at the Olympics 2022 during the figure skating team event, landing a double Axel-triple toe loop combination to place fourth. Overall, the US figure skaters completed the event with a total score of 65, securing a silver medal.

Karen’s on performance. Five tips to work upon their skills.

“I believe in making mistakes and having a growth mind-set, because failing is normal and should not be feared. As for five tips regarding skating, I would say have fun, challenge yourself, work hard, make friends, and wear knee and butt pads!”

You missed the last season of Grand Prix with a right foot stress fracture, but made a stunning comeback this year, what are your tips to cope up with such unforeseen situations?

I’ve had so many injuries throughout my career, some I came back strong, others it was a huge struggle, but regardless, what I learned was the strength of willpower and believing in myself. Because of all my past injuries, I’ve gathered a lot of self-doubt which not only impacted my self-esteem, but also my performance as an athlete.

Thus, regarding future unforeseen situations, I would remind myself that everything happens for a reason and that taking a step back to gain perspective can be empowering.


I think that it’s important for women to support and inspire one another. Often times, especially with sports, women tend to get extremely competitive, but I think we should strive for that balance of being competitive while also showing support for one another.

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6- Jaelin Charlotte Kauf , American freestyle skier

Skier Jaelin Kauf, 24, finished second in the women’s moguls final to win a silver medal, second of the 2022 Beijing Winter Games. The win is a dramatic improvement from 7th place at Pyeongchang 2018.

Exercises comprise your fitness regime or workout routine

I start every training day and workout with a core and shoulder exercise. I have found that starting off the day by activating my core and some of my weaknesses are the best way to activate them and make sure my body is working properly for my training and workouts. For my core workout I do a TABATA of 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off 9 times, rotating through various core exercises. For my shoulder exercise, I do ten reps of 6 different motions for 3 rounds.

Share with us your personal struggles with any physical sports and Skiing injuries and what you may wish to share with other individuals who may feel motivated by your experience to win over physical sports injuries in their career?

This year I had my first serious injury. I crashed skiing into a tree and fractured my transverse processes in my lower back. It happened just 4 weeks before our next competition and I really couldn’t imagine having to miss a competition. I was extremely lucky with the injury and that it wasn’t much worse and was able to start PT a week in. I was able to get back on snow for a few weeks in and felt good enough at 4 weeks to compete.

Of course, at this point, I had not skied a mogul course or train or jumped in a while and was much unprepared going into the competition. I was able to ski, but I was not mentally ready to be in the stat gate again, especially as I was thinking about reinjuring or making my back worse… It was a big learning experience for me to not rush things and to be okay with taking time off to heal and recover both physically and mentally.


I am really stoked to be featured in Women Fitness alongside so many other incredible women. It’s something that is really cool to be a part of. One of the things I love most about being involved in women sports is the comradely between other athletes and the opportunity to empower other women and young girls.

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7- Arianna Fontana: Italian short track speed skater

Arianna Fontana made history with Beijing 2022 women’s short track 500m gold. She has added another Olympic medal – and second-ever gold – to her collection after finishing first in the 500m in a record time of 42.488 seconds. This is the 10th Olympic medal of her career

About Arianna as an athlete, in her words

My life as an athlete is really simple: sleep, train, eat & repeat. I train twice a day on ice plus some extra workout off ice, like run, specific training for skating and weight sessions. I don’t have lot of free time, recovery is as important as training so I can’t really do extra activities, but when I can, I do something fun and I love to try new things, recently I went for my first ride on a helicopter, it was awesome!

I will say that I am fortunate to be well supported by sponsors and, in general, by the media, so I fill some of the time in-between practices with interviews and events. I try to stay focused and give the time I have to give. My training comes first and I make that a known priority.

Advice and motivational words to the inspiring and budding speed skaters

You will become the best cyclist you know. You will become the strongest in the gym. You will become the best runner you know. After you do those things you have to learn how to skate. Skating is difficult. If you love it, chase after the most absurd goal you can force yourself to say out loud. You are the only one who can turn your dreams into your reality. I suggest you find someone who has been where you want to go or who has guided someone like you. If you don’t have ice close to you, jump on some inline skates and enjoy the road somewhere. They are great cross trainers because of the increased friction. It is where I began my journey. Good luck!

Athletes often face injuries and other difficulties, would you like to tell the audience about how to cope with and make a comeback after an injury?

For all athletes, it’s always hard to stop training after an injury, we all want to go back to training right away. But most of the time it’s better to take some days off, recover from the injury and come back stronger. A few years ago I hurt my knee two weeks before the World Championships, I didn’t skate or train for almost a week, I was so worried that I was not going to perform, but then I got to Moscow for the Worlds and I won the first race, finishing second overall. You gotta believe in the work that you already put in and trust yourself, if you’re ready, you know it!

For major injuries, it is even more important to take time to recover but rehabbing as quickly as the doctor advises is critical. NEVER let that scare tissue build up. Work as much as you can within reason and your recovery will move along nicely.


Congrats on supporting women and their passion for fitness.

It isn’t easy to find ice to skate on and after all it is still summer, I propose celebrating 18 years by going outside and roller skating. It is perfect total body exercise and tones your legs and butt. It is cardio you can do with friends. But, remember to always be safe. Find a path where there are no cars and wear protection for your knees, elbows, and a helmet for your head. Do it with friends and you’ll love the results and easy inspiration you get from the people around you.

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8-Irene Schouten, Dutch speed skater

Dutch Speed Skater Irene Schouten made second Record-Breaking, Gold-Medal Victory at 2022 Games. She became the fifth woman to win the 3000m and 5000m at the Winter Olympics. She won the women’s 5000m event with a time of 6:43.51, shattering the previous Olympic record of 6:46.91 set by Germany’s Claudia Pechstein in 2002.

You have won Four Gold, Four bronze in World Single Distances Championships over the years. How do you manage such a remarkable achievement and which of these wins is most dear to your heart and why?

“My win on the 5k in 2021 is dear to my heart. This was my first gold on a time trail. When you win on a time trial, you really are the best. No excuses. For a few years I knew it was in me, it just had to come out once. I was so happy, it finally worked.” Shares Irene

Advice and motivational words to the inspiring and budding biathlete

You can always do more than you think.

A word about the website,

Be the best version of yourself.

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Women Fitness team salutes the winners. Cheers!

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