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Fitness Companion: The Hunt Goes On

fitness companions

Temptations seem to hang around us in form of foods at joints, in the refrigerator,  the kitchen, at the canteen etc.   At times when one is low and wants to jeopardize all the effort put in for weight management and fitness the need arises for a fitness friend or companion to prevent dropping out.

Studies have shown that women who regularly support their friends have lower blood pressure and experience less stress. In a new study, researchers studied health habits in an online social network. They paired participants of similar age, fitness levels, diet preference, and body mass, and they also matched some participants randomly. After seven weeks, results showed people paired with similar fitness “friends” were three times more likely to make healthier choices than those who were randomly paired.

Other studies have suggested people eat more with friends, and our surroundings can also influence the choices we make. (Seriously, who can pass up a hot dog at a baseball game?!)

When trying to stay fit and healthy, look for some extra incentive in the form of a fitness companion,

In case you already have company, keep hanging on.

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