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8 Must-Try Fitness Apps

The year 2020 has been a year filled with launch and success stories of health & fitness Apps. We bring you our best 8 to suit your style, fitness needs, and goals. A must-try.

Health & Fitness Apps to Try

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Verv is a holistic wellness and fitness app truly one-in all ranked : #27 in health and fitness apps that offers sleep sounds, meditations, work-outs, meal plans (keto, vegetarian, vegan) and is really focused on improving lifestyles than losing weight.

Area of coverage is yoga, meditation, quick work-outs, work-outs with no equipment and more! Designed to serve moms, women 50+ and millennials. For Women related health issues: the app offers a LOT of tips and advice for women who just gave birth

Available on the App Store.

More about the App (Paid/Free): it’s a paid app (3 month subscription is $29.99, one year is $39.99), but they have a deal for college students right now (3 months free)

Brand Owner: Verv, CEO is Luba Pashkovskaya

The Dominic Effect App

Dominic Kennedy is a personal trainer in Hollywood/Beverly Hills (as well as a luxury realtor with Compass/Aaron Kirman Group) and CEO of the Dominic Effect app launching in November (fitness & wellness.

Facilities: The app will include customized meal plans and work out plans. For example, once downloaded you will create account and select your nutrition goals, enter in your stats, how you eat (vegan, meat, keto, etc), the app will generate a weekly meal plan for you based off what you like and don’t like, a grocery list as well as recipes and how to cook the meals.

The workout side you will input your stats, pick your body type, goals, level of fitness and the app will customize a monthly plan for you, the type of exercise to do, sets, reps as well as video tutorials of the company team guiding you throughout the exercise to make sure the form is intact. The app will also include mindfulness and mindset coaching.

Free or paid:  

The app is free to download for the basic app. Within the app, there are fitness and meal plans. Pricing options will be:

These plans will be very affordable, around $7.99/week but final pricing will be settled this week.

Who can Use: 

The app is suitable for anyone who is 16 and older. Dominic works with a ton of geriatric clients and this will be great for them as well, especially during this pandemic so they can still do home workout routines and be held accountable.

The app will cater to all levels of fitness, any type of diet out there (keto, vegan, vegetarian, meat, etc). You will never be given the same workout plan month to month as it keeps changing the routine each round. Same stands for the meal guide, it changes frequently and will add as many recipes as possible to keep it interesting for the client.

The mindfulness and mindset coaching the app provides is key, as this is something anyone can use and benefit from. We all have blocks in life, some have it with fitness, health, and food and this will really play a key role in keeping a healthy mindset.

All the emails or questions will be directly answered by Dominic, and this is especially important that clients will have a personalized service with the owner behind the scenes every step of the way. 

Note: The app will soft launch by mid Nov/December.

The Bright App

The Bright App is a fitness management app (designed under the leadership of Nerissa Zhang, CEO) that not only connects clients with top-tier fitness trainers from around the world, it’s also an all-in-one tech solution for fitness professionals to run more predictable and profitable businesses from the palm of their hands. The app offers effortless session tracking, intuitive scheduling, and convenient in-app payment.

With This you can locate the perfect trainer for your fitness goals that will hold you accountable and give you feedback from anywhere – at your home, in public parks, or in a gym.

Simply browse and search for top instructors by geographical area, price, and specialization. All the trainers have been rigorously vetted and can even train you safely over Zoom or video chats allowing clients to train with fitness professionals from anywhere in the world safely and easily.

Free/ Paid option: The Bright App is free to download and get a free consultation with a trainer. With this app, there are no in-app purchases or monthly fees.

You only pay for your trainer’s time. This makes The Bright App more affordable because you can skip the expensive commercial gym rates by paying your trainers directly. The trainers keep 95+% of all their income earned on the app vs paying 40-60% of their earnings to gyms. No monthly fees or in-app purchases for trainers.

This fitness app offer customer support to both clients and instructors. Clients can connect with trainers for everything from private training for weight loss, strength, endurance, and specific sports such as weightlifting, boxing, running, and more. If you have a particular health concern, are healing from an injury, or are pregnant, you can connect with a trainer to help you safely reach your fitness goals.

There are over 1,000 trainers and 3,000 clients signed up on The Bright App. The best feedback recieved is that “our trainers have been able to increase their income. With so many gyms closed this year due to COVID-19, trainers have been really struggling.” By using this app, trainers are able to get client flow again in addition to being able to streamline their businesses by using our technology to organize their scheduling, messaging, and payments all in one place.

More:  ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Lindsay Arnold used this App to connect with trainers to help her work out safely throughout her pregnancy (Source on


 Manifest App

Lauren Jenai, Wellness & Fitness Expert & Co-Founder of CrossFit is the founder of Manifest, a unique health and fitness app.

Manifest is the perfect health and wellness management application as it promotes home exercise and small incremental changes in eating habits through personalized recommendations based on exercise, nutrition, and behavioral science for those concerned with diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, addiction and lethargy. Once program registration is complete, participants are matched with a personalized Manifest facilitator who offers support and guidance throughout their wellness journey.

Clients receive monthly at-home lab test kits, which are analyzed by trained Manifest facilitators to track key health parameters including HDL, Triglyceride and fasting glucose levels to give a precise view of current health status. After the results are analyzed, the Manifest facilitator discusses with the client their health concerns and wellness needs. Clients receive daily curated workout plans with exercise content as well as individually developed dietary protocols. Manifest participants will have access to practical, easy to understand, and relatable information through weekly interactive videos on the app and daily support through online chat rooms.

Pricing: Manifest is recommended to be completed in four phases, 90 days each for optimal results. Each phase is priced at $450 and includes the cost of the three in-home lab tests with results (one test per 30 days), access to a Manifest facilitator, food and movement logs as well as a personalized fitness plan with workouts, instruction and personalized informational videos. Manifest’s primary goal is to help people learn over the period of 12 months what it takes to maintain optimal results. 


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F…it Podcast

The app offers health advice alongside a slice of life from this mother daughter duo…

Why is it most social influencers have to put Faith, Food, Fitness, Family, in their profile description? Widowed mom boss, International Fitness Model and Sponsored Athlete Nikki and her daughter Addison share the real truth about a lot of life, no sugar coating! Nikki lost her father at age of 17, her husband at age 32, and created a life from her bucket list becoming a 7x national champion and sponsored athlete aka “Fitmom” as well as an international published fit model and author.

Addison, creator of Kids Kitchen with Addie- shares a kids perspective with all of these topics from a kids perspective. After all what is it really like to be the child of a bodybuilder and social influencer?

These two speak the real truths with a mother/daughter perspective, about all of the “F”’s Faith, Food, Fitness, Family, and non F’s, encompassing loss, cancer, co-parenting, single parenting, parent/child relationships, entrepreneurship, and travel on their podcast.

This duo shares a lot of laughter, love and hope and all of their adventures in life with all of you! For more information, check out

photo available

Fit Virtual Training App

This app allows members to train effectively from home and at home. 

Base Program

Bridget Keefe, Personal Trainer at Fit Athletic Club who lauched the app shares his input “Our base program is free and allows members to pick a program based on their goals. The options are workout programs for bodybuilding, lean-and-tone, fat loss, and longevity, all with an at-home or in-person option (8 options in total).”

They further add “These programs each have 4-5 weekly on-demand workouts and the program itself changes every month.  Because the program changes every month, the members enjoy the muscle-building benefits of phased training. Most exercisers do not follow a specific program, let alone a scientifically-backed program with training phases, so this app will exponentially increase members’’ success.” 

They have both the at-gym and home options. Most gym-goers recall from memory the weight and reps they did on a particular exercise last time they performed it. This app has a built-in tracker which allows the member to reap the benefits of progressive overload.

An additional advantage of the at-home options is the built in interval timer. When the member starts the workout, each exercise or rest interval pops onto the screen for the allotted amount of time with an option to stop the workout and watch our video demonstration of the exercise. This timer keeps the workout intensity high and guarantees a stop-time making it easier for our busy members to schedule into their day.

The Accountability Program: Includes everything from the base plan paired with one-on-one support. It’s a check-in program of weekly 15-min one-on-one phone calls with a trainer to answer any questions client might have about the program and overcome any obstacles getting in the way of the members’ goals. 

For more information visit the website:

AND/life [TM] app

Andrea Marcellus, Fitness Expert & Author lauched The Personal Trainer in Your Pocket. She spent over 25 years getting people to achieve their goals while cultivating more of their most precious resources: Time, Energy and Funds. This new patent-pending AND/friends™ technology lets the client create a Custom Workout based on their mood and preferences and then invite up to three friends to do it LIVE with you on your screen.


AI-driven AND/life [TM] app, helps users create and integrate a personalized, long-term fitness solution. Andrea is proud to make a limited number of features in the AND/life™ app always free to guest members who might not have room for a membership in their budget but would still like to be a part of our top-rated fitness community.

Free or Paid:  After a 30-day trial to feel how effective and easy fitness can be with Andrea’s total lifestyle approach, the app offer a monthly subscription for $14.99, $32.99/3 mos, or commit to yourself with an annual subscription for only $116.99.  Available on

For more questions visit the following link :

The list of fitness apps & podcasts is never ending, but choose one that serves you the best.

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