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Five Minute Make Up Tricks


You do not have to wear enormous amounts of cosmetics to be wearing proper make up. If you do not have much time try this routine, it is guaranteed to get you looking good in five minutes.

  1. Apply a base of tinted moisturizer such as ordinary face cream mixed with foundation.
  2. While your base settles apply a spot of petroleum jelly to your eyebrows and then coax them in your brows upwards.
  3. Next carefully brush a couple of coats of mascara on to your upper and lower lashes.
  4. Apply lipstick blot with a tissue and then apply a second coat.
  5. Dust powder over your forehead, nose, lips and chin.


Going straight out for the evening, from work? Here how to revive your make up in five easy steps.

  1. Remove any eye and lip make up with oil based cleansers, taking care not do dry the skin around the eyes.
  2. Check to see if your foundation needs re touching, spritz over it with a fine spray of water and then re-powder your nose, forehead and chin to set the make up, dust powder over your eyelids and lips.
  3. Re apply, eye make up. The best evening make up is simple a fleshly base tone with a touch of black eyeliner over the top lid and black mascara.
  4. Use a tiny bit of petroleum to smooth your eye brows upwards. .
  5. Re-apply lipstick, matt red is dramatic for the evening. If you prefer not to wear bright lipstick, use a slightly darker shade than the one you normally wear. Trace your lips with lip liner first, add lipstick blot with a tissue and add a second coat.

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