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Flattering Styles For Every Shape Of Face


Oval Shape Face

This facial shape can wear bobbed, layered, long or short, just about any style.

Square Shape Face

Soften the edges of a square shaped face by directing soft wavy bangs down over your temples. Long hair should fall to, or past shoulders. For a short style, keep hairstyle round and soft with height at the crown.

Round Shape Face

Keep the sides close to the face and promote height at the crown. A layered shag is the perfect style, but if you prefer to wear your hair shoulder length or longer, be sure you wear a side, not centre part.

Diamond Shape Face

To balancing your narrow chin, try a rounded shape with fullness at the chin.
Wide wispy bangs help to create an oval look. A good choice is a graduated bob that falls to the chin

Pear Shape Face

Focus on a full crown at top to create symmetry with the wide jaw. If you are wearing a style with length, tuck your hair behind your ear to slim your cheeks. An ideal length should not pass the neckline. Longer hair will only accentuate the width of your jaw.

Heart Shaped Face

Heart shape faces are flattered by a softer, curlier style.Chin length is perfect, as you need to create the illusion of width around your narrow chin. You can also try a feathered bang, swept to the side

Rectangle Shaped Face

This facial shape needs width and volume. Precision cut styles like the Wedge are flattering, and so is long hair in a full style that falls at, or above the shoulder. Bangs look great when just touching the brows and help to shorten a long shaped face.

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