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Frequent Family Meals Can Contribute to Obesity Prevention in Teenagers

According to new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a two-fold simple approach could be used to prevent teenage obesity and eating disorders. Two recommendations emphasized by AAP focus on behaviors to promote:

Eating disorders (EDs) are the third most common chronic condition in adolescents, after obesity and asthma.

There are advantages of family mealls, like,

The key  for children and youth to regularly eat a meal (any meal!) with a meaningful adult in their lives is to sustain a healthy body. At first, some kids may take some time adjusting their taste buds if they have been used to a lot of packaged foods. They may ignore the sliced bananas or grapes on their plates. But don’t fret. It may take several days for their taste buds to adjust but they will. Don’t forget to serve yourself some healthy foods filled with more fruits and vegetables. This will go a long way, remember children watch what food choices you make and by eating healthy foods you can help your child develop healthier habits!

This new advice is important because although childhood obesity rates have begun to drop, obesity rates in adolescents have not declined. Helping teens maintain healthy weight without veering toward obesity or an eating disorder is more challenging for teens than it is for young children.


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