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Gastric Imbrications: the latest weight loss surgical option

A new gastric sleeve plication or gastric imbrications weight losssurgery –  a reversible procedure that is differentiated from existing bariatric procedures in that it does not require device implantation nor the removal of  stomach tissue.

The Gastric Imbrications is a laparoscopic (keyhole) procedure, which is very simple and yet effective. It is less invasive and shorter than the Sleeve andBypass surgeries, with equally good results. It is a reversible procedure which involves only 3 tiny cuts on the abdomen and the stomach is folded over itself and stitched. The tiny cuts are so small that they don’t require any stitches and the patient walks home the next morning. – The procedure results in reducing the capacity of the stomach to 100-150 ml and as a result the patient gets a feeling satiety with a small meal.

The size of the stomach is reduced in this method.  Stomach capacity is reduced and the patient consumes less quantity of food and loses weight.


Body Mass Index method can be used to know whether a person is obese or not.  BMI should be between 18 and 23.5.  If BMI is more than 32, then the person is definitely obese.  Obesity is the basic cause for many diseases.  Diabetes and blood pressure are caused by obesity.  Cholesterol is also increased and thereby heart diseases also increase.  Sleeplessness also can be observed in obese people.  Arthritis in women is also because of obesity.  10% of cancers are caused by obesity.  So it is important to control obesity to prevent many diseases.  Blood pressure can be controlled and the diabetes and uric acid levels also can be decreased.  Fatty liver and joint pains can be prevented.  As the cholesterol levels decrease the chances of getting heart diseases also decreases.

Based on preliminary results, gastric plication surgery for severe obesity appears to be a safe and effective weight loss procedure. The only downside at this time appears to be the lack of long-term data. This issue is the focus of several ongoing clinical trials. Interested patients may want to see if they qualify for one of the studies examining this promising new procedure.

Note: Gastric Imbrications, Total Vertical Sleeve Plication, and Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication, is being performed by only a few doctors in the United States at this time, including: Dr. Brad Watkins at Cincinnati Weight Loss Center, Daniel Cottam, MD at Surgical Weight Loss Centre of Utah, and Sunil Sharma, MD at the University of Florida.

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