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Tips For Models To Get Ready For New York Fashion Week

Gabriela Panduru an international fitness and fashion model, an active runway model in New York shares with us some of her secrets on how to prepare yourself and your friend models for New York Fashion Week this February: one of the most prestigious fashion events in the world where models from around the world come to work in.

Photos by Dennis Madigan

Preparation for Fashion week in February has started already for most of the models on 1 January, (as a model you need to stay in shape all year long but FW need special attention) after holidays where you indulge yourself with some threats to get back in the game.

Here are some very important steps to get stage ready!

* Hydration is key you need to drink a lot of water (ideal 1 gallon a day),

Water is miracle for our body and  is so beneficial and you will feel amazing after having it.

Your body will glow, help the skin with hydrated creams, tonic creams in this way, winter will not dry your beautiful skin and you will be ready to slay the Runway.

* Healthy Meals is a must in this preparation, fuel your body with real healthy meals which will give you a lot of energy and make you feel beautiful.

I highly recommend 5 Smaller meals a day, starting with a healthy breakfast, snack , lunch , snack, dinner.

Some models prefers to give up dairy foods, in this way the skin will look glowing and healthier.

Eat unprocessed foods, healthy protein (personally I eat chicken and fish), healthy fats (avocado, nuts, almonds)

Photos by Dennis Madigan

* Exercise is very important, it is recommended to start in time with your preparation. In this way you will not exhaust your body; exercise less, but smarter! Consider interval sessions, yoga and weight training. Incorporate high intensity interval training, weight training, as well as yoga or Pilates.

* Beauty Rest and positive attitude

Make sure you get your beauty sleep as it is crucial,6 to 8 hours at least, switch off all the electronics devices and get your rest.

Keep a positive attitude and be ready to interact with people to show them how amazing you are, in this way you share your talents with the world.

You can meditate and learn to control your patience and enjoy your experience as a model would dream of!!

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