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What Every Gym Babe Needs In Her Bag

Always on the go and still want to look great! Now there are no excuses not to.  The necessities below are my gym bag “must haves”.  They make my life super easy and I always feel my best. I am sure you will love them too!

1. Toner and Cotton Balls

I love to carry around a small bottle of toner for after my workout.  Sometimes getting in a steam and shower just isn’t possible.  Swiping a but of toner on my face, neck and shoulders after a killer workout helpls my skin feel clean and fresh and avoid break-outs.  I always have a large bottle at home that I can use for easy and cost-effective refills.  As our hormones change with age, we need to remember how important skin care is.

2. My Water Bottle

Sounds simple enough, but it’s easy to forget.  I would prefer not to overpay for a bottle at my gym or even worse, do without, so I carry a gallon in my car and one of my favorite, environmentally friendly bottle so I can stat hydrated throughout the day.  This helps keep my skin healthy from within and counteracts dryness.

3.  A Couple of Healthy Snacks

Yes, this takes a little of planning, but I stock up on nuts, protein bars and rice cakes so I always have something on me to avoid indulging in junk when I get home.  As we get older our metabolism slows down, so keeping it working throughout the day with consistent, small snacks is important.

4. BCAA’s

I am very consistent about taking three BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) after every workout, and even on the days I don’t train.  As we get older we lose muscle and BCAA’s are a great way to retain the building blocks for muscle maintenance and growth.  As a result, my skin looks fuller and more youthful.

5.  A Good Pair of Peeps

Regardless of the season, I always have a good pair of sunglasses with me.  UVA rays are present no matter what time of the year and it’s always smart to protect your eyes.  There is no reason to go throughout your day squinting and drying out your eyes that need special TLC right around this age.

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