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Hair Loss

Nothing alarms women more than to be confronted with the problem of hair loss.

There are number of causes underlined as reason for hair loss:

(a) Heredity.
(b) Hormonal sensitivity.


(a) Styles that pull on hair for instance a ponytail, plait, or bun that`s too tightly kept in place. Even frequently tugging on hair or nervously twisting may have the same outcome.

(b) Over-Zealous Brushing:- Especially with a brush made of plastic or metal.

(c) Traumatizing wet hair:- Using hair dryers or styling wet hair can break hair. Ideally towel-dry hair to get out the extra water, allow it to dry naturally.

(d) Avoid frequent use of heated, rollers and curling tongs for their can result in excessive loss of hair`s natural oils and moisture, causing them to become brittle and break-prone.

(e) Subjecting hair to processes like bleaching dyeing or perming can lead to alter in molecular structure of hair.

(f) Use of harsh shampoos:- can make hair dry and brittle causing it to break off.

The hair loss caused by a number of above causes is not permanent as the roots have not been damaged. They will sprout new hair and it will grow back to its normal strength and thickness once the cause is removed and the hair thereafter treated with care. If sudden, extensive hair loss occurs, medical attention should be sought immediately.


The first step in the management of hair loss lies in the identification of the cause and need to seek professional guidance.

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