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Hair Primer: To Manage Hair Professionally

Heat, humidity and frequent styling can lead to damaged hair. Hair primer are specially formulated to nourish, smooth and perfect hair strands, each of our priming products guarantees a shiny, weightless-looking finish. Choose from strengthening, polishing and hydrating primers for irresistible perfection.

They contain an ingredient that protects hair against humidity—the #1 culprit that makes heat-styled hair go limp and lank. The company’s proprietary OFPMA molecule seals the hydrogen bonds that are created during heat styling, helping them to stand up to fluctuating weather—heat, humidity, etc.—resulting in a style that’s a bit more resilient.

Primer can help styles last for days instead of hours, but if you only need a style to last for a few hours in the first place, then it might not matter. They create a weightless, humidity-resistant shield between the strands and whatever you apply or that comes in contact with your hair. They allow the style to last longer, frizz to be at bay and stave off damage during styling.

Hair Primer vs. Leave-in-conditioner

This product is intended to be used alone or under styling products, but it is applied after your cleansing and conditioning process, including your leave-in conditioner. This is basically a barrier product working like a heat protectant, so it is different from a leave-in conditioner and the moisturizer, as it has multiple functions. It is also great for usage prior to every styling session.

If it unexpectedly rains on a day that you need to look your best, primer could be your lifeline. For the few times that you need your style to have super-human endurance, having a primer on hand could make life easier.

One example is Garnier Fructis Brazilian Smooth Flatiron Express for your straight strands can look even sleeker. Even if you have naturally straight hair, chances are you turn to a heat or two to keep your style on the straight and narrow. A dollop of this primer by Garnier Fructis will smooth and extend your style, and even shield strands hot tools damage.

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