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Hair Problem

Hair Problem


Split ends are caused when hair is damaged, either by harsh shampoos, too much direct from the sun or a hair dryer, perming or bleaching or very often simply because the tips of hair are very old.

The only cure for split ends is to have them trimmed off; if left, they may split further up the hair, making it look dull and lifeless.

HEALTHY HAIR: In top condition, the scaly outer shell, or cuticle, of each hair lies flat and smooth along the whole length of the shaft.

Split End Treatments:

Place olive oil and boiling water into large glass bottle or jar with a lid. You may need to wrap a towel around the bottle to avoid burning yourself. Shake very well until oil is emulsified. Massage into hair, taking care not to burn your head. Put a shower cap or plastic bag over your hair and wrap your head in a hot towel that has been soaked in hot water then wrung out. Leave mixture on your hair for 1/2 hour, then shampoo as usual.


Mainly due to hormonal problem, the sebaceous glands tend to become overactive and produce too much sebum.

Tips on managing Greasy hair:-


May result from hereditary or hormonal problems-or due to a result of damage caused by over-use of heated rollers, hot hair dryers, perms and bleaches.

You can protect your hair:


Dandruff is a dry scaly condition of the skin on the scalp and less often, on the face and the torso.

It comes in tow types:-

(A) Pityriasis-capitis- It is the simple kind consisting of white dry flakes falling from the scalp. The result is due the rate at which the scalp sheds its dry skin cells, which in turn depends on the health and diet of the individual stress, too seems to be related.

Can be controlled by:-

(i) Paying more attention to health hygiene.
(ii) Consuming more fresh fruits in your diet.
(iii) Drinking plenty of water.
(iv) Rinsing the hair carefully after shampoo.
(v) Brushing gently to rid the hair of trapped cells.
(vi) Lightly massaging the scalp to dislodge the dandruff flakes.

If a simple routine like this does not work, consult a dermatologist on the use of anti-dandruff shampoo, which might slow down the rate at which the cells are shed from the scalp.

(B) Seborrhoeic Dermatitis:- If the scalp is very greasy, an individual might end up with this type of dandruff, which is thick, oily, scaly, crusted and weeping.

This condition almost always needs medical care and attention, but if it is mild you can treat it at home by either using an anti-dandruff shampoo or trying home remedies. The best remedy however is to wash hair regularly with a shampoo containing selenium compound or cool tar extracts. Consult a dermatologist if the problem is severe or persists.

Tips on Managing Dandruff

Besides the anti-dandruff creams, lotions, oils and shampoos available in the market, there are many simple house hold remedies to fight dandruff described below:

More treatments options for Dandruff:

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