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Hair Rules to Live By

Hair Rules to Live By

A little planning and preventive measures can help you avoid the common sun and surf damage of  faded hair color, fragile, brittle or dry hair and yucky split ends. Check out the hair rules to live by.

Hairstyle to suit your face– The shorter your forehead, the longer your bangs should be. Round faces benefit from long straight lines added around the face. A chin-length bob with minimum layering is a great option. The Square & Pear shapes do well with chin length bobs. If you have a double chin keep the hair around your face above chin level to draw the eyes upwards.

Protect your hair, as well as your skin, from the sun.  Unprotected hair can fry in UVA and UVB rays resulting in a head full of straw-like strands that may take months to repair. Use a sunscreen on hairline parts.  Lip balm will also work.

Product buildup can make hair dull. To completely remove residue from hair, combine equal amounts of baking soda and shampoo.  Let set for five minutes.

Occasionally shampoo hair with mild dish washing detergent to get rid of product buildup.

Rough towel-drying can be damaging. First, gently squeeze out excess moisture, then pat dry with a towel.

Don’t smile when the hairdresser is cutting your bangs.  Smiling raises your forehead, and your bangs may be cut too short..

Don’t cross your legs during cutting.  It will make you sit unevenly, and one side of your hair may end up longer than the other.

Don’t try to style soaking wet hair. it can tear your hair. Get it 80 percent dry first.

Hold your head upside down while drying for extra lift. Using hair dryer  too often could dry your hair and scalp out. And if used inexpertly, it could even burn your hair. Be sure to keep moving the dryer throughout.

vent brush will give your hair more volume.

Tease your hair with a toothbrush or baby comb.  The small bristles will add a lot of volume to small sections of hair.

Use a ponytail to create an instant face lift. One thing to keep in mind is to find a style that you enjoy. There is no point is selecting “the perfect style” if it is impossible to maintain or you don’t enjoy wearing.


Reactivate a style by spritzing with spring water. If your hair has become dry during the day, spray with water to dampen it slightly, then work over with your palm in rotating movements. This will lift the roots and provide instant volume and body. For added height, gently back-comb the crown area, smooth and spray lightly with setting spray.

Never wash hair with hot water.

Always use a metal core brush to dry hair.  The metal locks in heat to make hair dry faster, and tames and polishes hair by smoothing cuticles.

One great way to find the best style for your face shape is to buy fashion, beauty and hair magazines and look through them for examples of hairstyles that you like and think would be flattering to your face shape and hair texture.

Frequent chemical treatments that can strip your hair of moisture and pliability. Here are the three golden rules to live by:

Space chemical-straightener touch-ups at least three months apart. Anything sooner, and you risk severe breakage by reprocessing hair near the roots.

Never chemically straighten and colour hair on the same day. Allow at least two weeks between treatments.

Consider replacing lost nutrients in chemically treated hair with conditioning shampoos, deep conditioners, and twice-a-month hot-oil treatments.

Take wonderful care of you hair and you will emerge in the Fall with healthy tresses.

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