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The Best Tips For Anti-Aging Hair Care

Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life – your hair isn’t going to look the same as it did when you were in your teens. The luscious locks of yesteryear have been replaced by grayer, thinner strands. As hormones change, hair sheds more often and grows back more slowly, causing it to thin. The change in hormones is also responsible for reducing the production of sebum, which isn’t ideal since sebum is what your hair naturally produces to keep it moisturized and also protects it from getting brittle and breaking off.

However, instead of letting all this get you down, why not embrace your mature mane? If you follow these simple tips, you can make sure that your hair stays as healthy as possible for many years to come.

Get Regular Trims

Getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks can help promote healthy hair growth since it removes split ends and damage. By trimming your hair regularly, it gives the illusion that your hair is growing faster because it will break less and therefore grow longer in a shorter amount of time

Be Gentle On Thin Hair

You might have noticed that your hair is thinning as you’ve gotten older. It can also become drier and more brittle, which means it needs the appropriate care to prevent any further damage. Make sure to avoid aggressive styling techniques and harsh chemical treatments, don’t brush your hair when wet and still be gentle on your locks even when you brush them when they’re dry.

Wash Less Often

Every time you wash your hair, you strip it of the natural oils that help keep it hydrated, which means that if you wash it less frequently, you can help it stay full of moisture. If this is hard to do because your locks are prone to becoming greasy quickly, use a dry shampoo between washes and this will help keep your hair looking fresh and clean!

Pamper Your Hair

Conditioning treatments are your hair’s best friend. There are so many benefits to them: they restore the hair’s natural shine and luster, moisturize your locks, and reduce itching and flaking. Deep conditioning treatments have been known to save even the most damaged of locks. Here are 15 of the best deep conditioners, which will leave you with gorgeously hydrated locks.

Watch What You Eat

Healthy hair starts from within so it’s important to take care of your body if you want your hair to be in tip-top condition. Protein is key for healthy hair and nail growth, so make sure to eat lean protein and drink plenty of water to get your body and hair hydrated. If your locks have been looking a bit dull recently, they could be lacking in some of the key vitamins such as vitamin C, B7, B3, and E, which are all essential for hair health. Stock up next time you’re at the drug store.

Limit Heat Styling

Exposing your hair to too much heat can be damaging to healthy hair, let alone thinning hair fibers. The stress can cause breakage so if your hair is already damaged, you have less natural protection against the heat. If you can’t stop using styling appliances completely, (tip) at least try and minimize the length of time your hair is subjected to the blow dryer or straightening iron.

So even though we aren’t able to turn back time, there are a few things that can be done to keep hair healthy for as long as possible. Simply follow the above tips hair and your hair will thank you.

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