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Caring For Your Hands


The condition of the hands depends on the care you give them. The skin on the back of the hands is soft and thin and prone to early wrinkling. Whereas the skin on the palm is thick and tough. The palm has no sebaceous glands, thus no natural lubrication thus they can  become dry and rough.

(1) After your bath or any washing , always massage your hands with a lubricating cream. In fact, barrier creams should always be used when tackling particularly dirty and greasy jobs.

(2) Get into the habit of giving yourself a weekly manicure, which will make your hands look good along with helping them to combat  annoying problems like chipping, splitting, peeling and cracking.

(3) If your nails persistently split and chip, then they probably need strengthening by regular use of one of the many nail hardeners in the market.

(4) Every night, before bedtime, massage your hands with a cream for few minutes.

For an emergency treatment for coarse, rough skin, apply cream lavishly at bed time and go to sleep with cotton gloves on.

Exercising the hands can help to make them flexible and improve circulation. Try performing these exercise at least 6-10 times a day.

(a) Clench your fists tightly for a second and then throw open the fingers as wide as possible.

(b) Place hands in front of you, palm down. Press the fingers tightly against each other and then thrust them apart as widely as possible.

(c) Allow the hands to be limp and relaxed. Then rotate them from the wrist in circles, first clockwise and then anticlockwise.

You can give an instant refresh treatment to your hands  at home by soaking your dry hands in warm olive oil. Fill a teacup with the warmed oil, dip in your fingers and let them soak for a few minutes. When you remove them rub the oil into your hands and allow as much of it as possible to be absorbed before rinsing away the excess. Alternatively, you can smother your hands with rich cold creams.

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