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Ill Hazards of Crash Dieting….Are You on One?

The swim suit season pushes scores of otherwise health-conscious women to deprivation diets or intense exercise regimens, often in blazing hot weather, to look slimmer in revealing clothes. Early June and January are the two times of year ladies and girls do crazy, desperate things to get thin fast. They opt for crash diets without realizing the health hazards. Juice diet,7-day colour diet, Cookie diet, Ice cube diet, Purple food diet, Sitcom diet, Wine diet are some of the bizarre diets.

A “crash diet” is a diet that aims to produce very rapid weight loss in an extremely short period of time, often in around 3-7 days. Crash diet almost always operate on extreme calorie restriction.

Women should go on a very low calorie diet only under medical supervision, if required. 

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