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Yoga For Healing Body Stiffness

Stiff neck? Achy back? Painful knees? Those sore joints might be keeping you from exercising, but lack of exercise may actually be what’s causing the pain.

Improperly performed movements can also cause stiffness and pain but you can snap back to normal,pain-free movement by following these Yogasanas.

NAUKASANA (boat pose)


Benefits & Precautions:

Naukasana improves the functioning of the lungs, is useful in treating disturbed navel and relieves body stiffness and back pain. It also reduces excess fat from the abdomen. It improves digestion and relieves constipation. Hernia and Ulcer patients should not do this asana.

PASCHIMOTTANASANA (posterior stretching posture)


Benefits & Precautions:

Aged persons and those with stiff spines should do it slowly and steadily in the beginning. All jerky movements should be avoided & be overcome with patience and perseverance. However, persons suffering from slipped disc, hernia, lumbar spondylysis and cardiac problems, and those who have undergone abdominal surgery, should not perform this asana. Paschimottanasana is a fine stretching exercise of the body. In one continuous movement, almost all the posterior muscles get fully stretched and relaxed. This helps to improve the functions of the abdominal organs and sets right respiratory disorders. It also helps to improve memory.



Benefits & Precautions :

This asana strengthens the muscles of the legs and thighs and makes them supple. It tones up the spinal nerves and helps in relieving arthritic pain. It is an excellent asana for digestion.

TRIKONASAN (lateral bending pose)


Benefits & Precautions:

This asana makes the spine flexible and gives good exercise to the lateral area. It also vitalizes the liver, pancreas and kidneys, exercises the side muscles and increases the flexibility of the hip joints and waist.

Makarasana (crocodile)



Raise the head and shoulders and rest the chin in the palms of the hands with the elbows on the floor.


Crocodile reduces stress and tension, promotes sleep, regulates blood pressure and reduces anxiety.

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