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Healing Your Muscles

Healing Your Muscles

When the sensation and condition of our muscles change, this is due to physiological changes within the circulatory and nervous system in our body These systems are very sensitive and are designed to respond instantly to any changes imposed on the body, internal or external Since they consist of blood vessels and nerves which are everywhere in the body we can get to them and have an impact on them by working for the outside, as well as by working with processes within the body.

We often believe that the magic of physical therapy and massage is the only things that can make us fell good again A skilled therapist makes joints that were restricted, move more easily release the pain in muscles, that were tense and sore and allows us to breathe more easily The magic is simply that the muscles and tissues respond to manual treatment, sometimes, with immediate pain relief and enhanced well bring

It’s time you learn how to reduce pain and improve your muscles condition You will be surprised at how much, you can accomplish with your own hands and your own treatment strategy

What is Muscles Pain ?

Muscle pain is usually not a sign that there is something violent or destructive going on in our muscles On the other hand, pain is a result of messages aboutsubstance imbalance being conveyed between the nerves and the brain.

Any form of reduced blood flow to your muscles fibre has the potential to cause quite a lot of discomfort and pain Likewise, removing obstructions that reduce blood flow can relieve large amounts of pain

Identifying the Source of Pain

To find the source of the pain in your muscles you must look at the waste products- waste left over from muscles work when nutrients from the blood, are used up Waste products are continuously produced and washed out by blood circulations as we move or exercise For example, a muscle suddenly put to hard work might lead the fibres to produce waste products faster, than blood circulation could provide new nutrients Similarly in case of obstruction, the waste products being produced might not be washed out, effectively Therefore, pain is the net result of either lack of oxygen or waste product overflow.

Young body constantly attempts to maintains a balance (homeostasis) among the different substances in the body It alerts your brain when a significant imbalance exists The waste products, contain chemical substances which must be present in the body in balanced amounts With proper balance there is no pain When blood flow is reduced however the waste products are not washed away and the level of chemicals increase beyond the acceptable level for your body The result is pain The aching soreness and sensitivity that we know so well, are the result The waste remains in the tissue around the nerve endings (tiny branches of the nerve it ends in the tissues) and you experience an intolerable burning pain when the nerve endings start firing off messages to the brain These nerve endings are particularly sensitive to such chemicals Assuming the blood starts rushing through your muscles and tissue again the pain can sometimes disappear in as little as 10 to 20 seconds

For Quick Relief When Your Muscles Hurt

Thus muscles pain is usually not a signs that there is something violent or destructive going on in our muscles Rather, pain in a result of the massages about substances imbalance being conveyed between, the nerves and the brain This definition may sound too simplistic, for something that really hurts yet, this is the basic mechanism for the sensation of muscles pain.

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