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The Health Hazards Of Drinking Soda

drinking soda

The chemicals in soda fall under the categories of artificial flavorings, artificial color additives and dyes, acidifying agents, buffering agents, viscosity-producing agents, foaming agents, and preservatives.

Drinking as little as one can of soda a day — regular or diet — is associated with a 48% increased risk of metabolic syndrome, a key predecessor of heart disease and diabetes.

Keep in mind: For every diet soda you sip daily, your risk of becoming overweight can rise by 37 percent, according to researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

It would seem that the bottom line here is to stay away from soda pop. At least cut way back. Neither regular nor diet does your body any good. In fact, a steady habit of soda consumption can do a great deal of harm. You ought to be making every effort to wean yourself from it completely. Try making your own soda pop. Mix club soda or sparkling mineral water with various combinations of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

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