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Do’s & Don’ts For Healthy Eyes



  • Do have your eyes tested every two years. Children and pensioners should have an annual check up.
  • Do read and work in good light. To avoid glare and shadow, make sure that the light falls over your shoulder.
  • Do rest your eyes at least every 30 minutes when reading sewing, using a computer or the like, by looking up and focusing at distant objects.
  • Do make sure that your computer and television screens are sharply focused.
  • Do wear safety goggles whenever you use caustic chemicals, do woodwork, or run power tools.
  • Do wear shatterproof sports goggles for games such as squash.
  • Do wear sunglasses when in bright sunlight.
  • Do wear goggles in chlorinated swimming pools or in any water of doubtful cleanliness.


  • Don’t look directly at the sun, as you might be tempted to do during an eclipse; even the darkened sun can cause severe and permanent damage. Similarly, avoid staring at any bright or glaring lights.
  • Don’t rub your eye to try to remove a foreign object. Try blinking and washing the eye with cold water. If that fails, see your doctor.
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