Top 10 to Enjoy a healthy self image

Top 10 to Enjoy a healthy self imageA healthy self image contributes to the way we look and if we look good we feel good about ourselves. Most women at one time or another in their lives suffer from poor self esteem some more than others. Maintaining a strong healthy self esteem is not always easy in a society that has high expectations for performance and attractiveness.

Here are Top 10 to tips build and enjoy a healthy self image:

Enjoy who you are:

Look your finger prints you are unique. No one else is exactly like you. The way you laugh and smile the way you view the world the way you think are uniquely yours. Acknowledge the whole you and not just your body.

Believe that your uniqueness is important :

If all of us looked the same, thought the same and dressed the same the world would be a boring place indeed. Wear clothes that are flattering to your figure no matter what size you wear. Your uniqueness contributes to the vast and beautiful tapestry of our world and as such your are a valuable member of humanity.

Accept your uniqueness:

Accept who you are as you are right now while preparing and planning for change and growth in the future. Growth and change are an inevitable part of living. At 20 you are a drastically different person from when you were 12 and you will be different at 40 and at 60. Your view of the world will grow and change with your life experiences and the knowledge you acquire along the way. Remind yourself how wonderful you are.

Find ways to enhance your uniqueness :

Top 10 to Enjoy a healthy self imageCultivate an interesting personality. Experience life. Seek out adventure, concentrate on a hobby, plays with kids or take on a new challenge. Do away with negative self-talk and believe that you are that wonderful, likable person. Post a list of your unique qualities near the mirror or any other place where you will see it everyday. Treat yourself to a facial, a manicure, or a pedicure. Indulge in a long, hot bubble bath. Wear a wonderful fragrance.

Do not be afraid of change :

At this moment in time you may not be happy with some aspect of your self image. You may think that you and too heavy or out of shape. May be you believe that you are too quiet or too loud. May be you are unhappy with some of your life choices. Accept where you are now knowing that nothing is written in stone. You have the power to change anything you want to change.

Always be patient and gentle with yourself :

Being human has entitled all of us to a special inheritance. We have the right to make mistakes. Mistakes are part of living. Dwelling on our mistakes will not make them go away. Acknowledge them learn from them and move on.

Love and be loved :

We all have the capacity to love others and be loved. When you enjoy your uniqueness and importance in the fabric of life and your accept creatively into the future and you offer yourself the patience and gentleness of forgiveness. You are without a doubt loveable and are capable of loving others.

Focus more on what is right with your life:

If you consistently concentrate on what you doesn't have, then you will get less and less of what you want & fully deserve. If you focus on what�s wrong, you will never find what is right. Remember, Our mind is a magnet and we gravitate toward what we think about most.

Enjoy your food :

Top 10 to Enjoy a healthy self imageEating is pleasurable so enjoy it! Food gives us energy and sustains life. Don't deprive yourself or consider eating an evil act. Don�t make any food a forbidden fruit. Putting our focus on what we shouldn�t do and what we shouldn�t eat only sets us up for failure. If you allow yourself to enjoy food, and eat more often, you'll be less likely to overeat. In turn, your body won't feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Stay Active :

Movement and exercise can make you and your body feel terrific! Not only does exercise help boost your mood, it also stimulates your muscles, making you feel more alive and connected to your body. Exercise regularly. Moderate exercise also distracts you from negative feelings and forces you to concentrate on your breathing, stamina and physical power. By the time you have completed your workout, your negative feelings are likely to be less intense or even replaced by a stronger sense of accomplishment.

Don't forget YOU deserve a healthy, happy and fit life.



Dated 29 April 2015

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