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Am I Having A Heart Attack?

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, which is why it is imperative that women learn the warning signs and symptoms, see a doctor regularly, and learn their family history.

A classic symptom of  heart attack is crushing chest pain, but ‘atypical’ heart attack might present itself  with basic symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, and nausea with no chest pain.

A study published in the journal Circulation in 2003, found that women who’d had a heart attack the most frequent symptoms were:

shortness of breath – 58 per cent
weakness – 55 per cent
unusual fatigue – 43 per cent
cold sweat – 39 per cent
dizziness – 39 per cent.
In 43 per cent of cases there was no chest pain whatsoever.

Identifying Symptoms of Heart Attack

The National Heart Foundation is in the process of formulating guidelines for deciding when to call an ambulance.

Dial for an ambulance, without delay, if you have the following symptoms:

  • Chest Discomfort- uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing in the center.
  • Feeling light-headed
  • Pain or soreness in the shoulders, arm, neck, jaw, or stomach that lasts several minutes
  • Feeling sick to your stomach
  • Feeling short of breath
  • Feeling sweaty, heart flutters, or paleness.
  • Feeling suddenly very fatigued.

A feeling of indigestion (heartburn) also occurs as an atypical symptom of heart attack in women
These are also symptoms that women often brush off as the flu, stress or simply feeling under the weather-which could put their lives in jeopardy, if a prompt action is not taken.

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