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Herbs For A Better Bone Health

Herbs for a Better Bone Health

When you consider the Modern present date diet heavy on dairy, meat, eggs, calcium-stealing sodas and salt; sparse in fruits and vegetables (and exercise) The epidemic of osteoporosis isn’t that surprising.

Although doctors regularly recommend supplements for calcium, but that too doesn’t come without the  increased risk of heart attack and kidney stones.  Rather than popping a pill it it better to base your diet on foods that are rich source of calcium and other bone essential ingredients.

Sometime back Women Fitness  had covered an article on,  Top 10 to enhance your calcium reserves the focus in which was on ways to promote calcium absorption like avoiding calcium supplement intake along with a high fiber diet, taking the supplement after dinner, avoid excessive use of antacid. and so on. This time we focus on herbal management of bone health

In order to maintain optimum calcium health, plan your diet with the regular intake of calcium, vitamin-D, vitamin-K and silicon nutrients. This will help you develop a strong and healthy skeleton. Aim for a balanced diet with nutritious herbs, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and greens.

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