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5 Hip Abductor Stretches For Healthy Knees

There are 3 planes of motion through which our body moves: frontal, sagittal and transverse and these muscles work together to maintain alignment of the body in the frontal plane when on one leg, such as when walking, running, hiking through the mountains or simply standing there working on your balance. When the TFL isn’t functioning correctly and you’re standing on one leg, your pelvis might drop on the side opposite to the dysfunctional muscle (known as the Trendelenburg sign), your pelvis might shift laterally towards the stance leg, or the knee on the leg you’re standing on might cave in or rotate inwards.

Try incorporating these 5 stretches into your daily routine to maximize hip mobility.

1. The Brettzel Stretch

2. 1-leg Side Bridge Support

3. Lateral Crossunder Lunge

4. Hip adductor stretch

5. Isometric Single-leg Wall Lean

By performing simple hip stretches and concentrating on the ABC’s of movement – Alignment, Breathing and Control, you can increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles in and around the hips. stretches like the frog stretch, will increase your range of motion, thereby maximizing your squat numbers.

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