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Embrace 2022 with More Holistic Fitness Trends

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Samantha Clayton, Vice President, Worldwide Fitness and Sports Performance, Herbalife Nutrition

With the new year approaching, the countdown is on as millions of people anticipate their new year health and wellness goals—with the goal of exercising more at the top of their list—to start the year right.

To be successful, many are also naturally wondering what’s up-and-coming in the fitness world and how they’re going to stay on track beyond January. 

In 2020 and 2021, we witnessed a boom in online fitness classes and new virtual exercise experiences. With the closure of more than 30,000 gyms over the past two years, people have learned to be creative and find the motivation to stay active and reach their fitness goals in a home setting.

Virtual Holistic Wellness Approach

In 2022, we’ll see a continuation of online innovations for movement but with an added focus on stress management and overall wellness as part of that fitness journey. Big equipment purchases may see a dip as people opt for more affordable, simple tools like bands, balls, and functional fitness equipment that can transition to outdoor spaces.

Gyms, in-person classes, and boot camps may see a comeback with the style of fitness that encourages that healthy bout of competition. Avid fitness fans have missed the company of their fellow gym rats, so competitive fitness may boom in the new year.

Fusion styles of exercise will continue to become more popular as people feel the benefits and results that come with combining strength training with Pilates, a cardio session with yoga, or the mix-up of machines and free weights. Gone are the days of the boring single-mode exercise class. It’s all about mixing styles together– prioritizing mental strength as much as physical strength– to create a fun, holistic experience.

One-on-One Attention and Community

People will continue looking for more personal, one-on-one experiences to help achieve their goals. Having the attention of a personal trainer or smaller group environment allows a lot more flexibility for goal-setting, education, and motivation. Personal training and group fitness education seminars in the next year will be focused on creative programming to keep people engaged and finding ways to connect the mind and body to reduce stress, focus on recovery and turn the fitness experience into an overall part of the personal health management strategy. Expect to see trainers infusing this new education into their classes and online fitness experiences as 2022 progresses. In-person fitness conferences like The Fit Expo and IDEA World are back on schedule.

Fitness Tech That Cares

Fitness apps and wearable tech will provide new advances to help savvy users achieve their goals through tracking movement, sleep and recovery, and nutrition habits, as the overall concept of 360-degree health is supported by technology. Movement is just one tool that gives people a sense of control over their health. Walking and simple activities of everyday living will take on new importance. A reframing of what it means to be active will hopefully get everyone up off the couch to get their blood flowing.

There’s so much to look forward to in the world of fitness and health in the new year! Between improved fitness apps, health tracking, getting outside, embracing creative styles, getting back to the community fitness fun, and finding ways to be competitive—it’s a great time to set your intentions. I encourage you to try new things to find what you enjoy and what is easiest to maintain to reach your goals. Always remember the small wins are worth celebrating.

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