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Staying Hydrated During A Yoga Session

Yoga Session

Water helps our bodies to function properly day in and day out. To keep your body well hydrated,  you should drink about 64 ounces of water per day. Without doubt, you may need more if you’re doing an activity like yoga. During a typical yoga class, you can lose anywhere from three to five pounds of water weight due to all of the stretching that goes on in yoga. Make sure you start drinking water after a yoga session to help rehydrate yourself.

A lot of stretching involved during a yoga class can influence the way your kidney works. Toxins may be released into your body as a result, and you will need water to flow freely through your body to help flush them out.

There are some simple steps you need to take to be sure that you know how to drink water effectively for a yoga class.

The best approach is to drink a sip of two of water if you feel dehydrated during a class or between asanas.

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