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5 Healthy Ways to Improve Your Sex Life


If you and your partner are finding that things are getting a bit boring in the bedroom, it could quickly lead to other relationship problems. With busy lives, high levels of stress, and high expectations of marital bliss, having a struggling sex life is not that surprising.

The good news is that love and a few easy lifestyle changes can help you to fire things up in the bedroom. Healthy habits that focus on your overall well-being can help you improve issues with both female and male sexual dysfunction.

Some great advice on dietary supplements can be found on the Active Ingredients blog which can help you find natural and prescription medications that help with sexual function issues. Let’s take a look at a few more healthy ways to boost your sex life.

Quit Smoking

The nicotine in tobacco products, including vapes, acts as a constrictor to blood vessels. For both men and women, sexual arousal relies on having the right blood flow going to the more intimate parts of the body to help get you in the mood. Long-term smoking can cause permanent damage to the tiny blood vessels in the penis, making it harder to get and sustain a satisfying erection. If you quit smoking now, you can reduce your risks of developing many different health issues, including damaged blood vessels. Quitting smoking will help to increase your libido and enhance your sexual performance.


Regular moderate exercise can help to boost the libido of both men and women. Cardiovascular exercise, including walking, biking, swimming, and running can help to keep the heart healthy enough to enjoy sex and also boost your sex drive. Regular exercise can help your body to produce healthier levels of sex hormones like testosterone, and it will also help your body to produce more endorphins to help elevate your mood.


When you aren’t getting enough sleep, it can dramatically affect your sex life. If you are too tired to engage in sexual activity, your bedroom love life may become strained. Getting enough sleep will help you relax and get into the mood easier, regenerate your mind and body, and give you enough energy to get busy whenever you want.

Stress Management

Over 40 million Americans suffer from stress-related depression and anxiety. Stress can have a devastating effect on your libido. Stress management techniques like meditation and mindful breathing can help you to relax and enjoy spending more time with your partner.

Cut Caffeine

Caffeine, like nicotine, is a vasoconstrictor and can work to prevent the proper circulation of blood to your body. For those that struggle with female or male sexual dysfunction, especially erectile dysfunction, cutting down on your caffeine can help to boost your libido and enhance your sexual performance.

Healthy and exciting sex life is an important part of any romantic relationship. If things in the bedroom are getting a bit boring, or you are struggling with performance issues, try these tips to help you bring life back to your sex life.

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