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Infant Feeding Pattern: If Not Checked Could Lead To Obesity

The BYU (Brigham Young University) researchers analyzed data from more than 8,000 families and found that babies predominantly fed formula were 2.5 times more likely to become obese toddlers than babies who were breastfed for the first six months.

 When a child is full and pushes away, stop! Don’t encourage them to finish the whole bottle.

Feeding Patterns Likely to Promote Childhood Obesity

 Higher protein content of infant formula is associated with higher weight in the first 2 years of life but has no effect on length. Lower protein intake in infancy might diminish the later risk of overweight and obesity.

Advisable Baby Feeding Pattern

Mothers who follow a vegan diet should breastfeed their infants for as long as possible, 2 years or more is desirable. For infants fed a vegan diet who are not breastfed or partially breastfed, a commercial soy-based infant formula during the first 2 years of life is recommended.

 Guide for Formula Feeding (0-6 months)
Age Amount per feeding Number of feedings in 24 hrs
1 week-1 month 2-4 ounce 7-8 times
1-3 months 5-6 ounce 5-7 times
3-6 months 6-8 ounces 4-6 times


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