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“Janties”: The New Hot Craze

The latest trend consuming netizens with confusion and annoyance is denim underwear. Part of a recent collection by denim brand Y/Project, the denim panties can seemingly be worn both as underwear or an outfit if you are adventurous enough. According to Y/Project’s creative director Glenn Martens, the inspiration for the collection was about simplifying and playing around with construction.

Lyst, the largest global fashion search platform that lets you search thousands of online fashion stores at once, bringing together 5 million products from 12,000 of the world’s leading brands and retailers in one place, says the denim panties from French brand Y/Project’s spring 2019 runway show will be a big hit this year.

Lyst reported that, the extremely high-cut denim shorts garnered over 3.8K social media mentions in just under one week, totaling over 514K in social engagement. Even though the item is rather polarizing, shoppers from all over the world are actively searching for the janties, resulting in a 2250% increase in page views since Mid-March.

Vogue went on to enlist the advice of an ob-gyn to ask what effect the janties could have on one’s health. Their advice? If you’re going to wear janties, best invest in a G-string.

Lyst released its latest trend report, Festival Fashion 2019, and the data predicts :

Y/Project unique denim panties might take over Coachella as shoppers from all over the world are actively searching for Janties right now – we have noticed a surge in traffic and a 2250% increase in page views since mid-March.

Oversized “ugly” sandals are the most wanted festival shoes right now – searches for “rubber sandals” have increased 34% since the beginning of March. In the last week, Lyst has seen a search for ‘Prada velcro sandals’ every 7 minutes.

Futuristic, sport-inspired sunglasses will be the it shades this festival season. After Kim Kardashian launched her new sunglasses collection in collaboration with Carolina Lemke earlier this month, searches for race-ready shades increased 650% the following week.

Harness fashion will become even more popular this festival season as searches for harness chest bags rise, up 257% since March. Expect to see this stylish and functional bag everywhere.

Cycling shorts are having a big fashion moment globally. Currently, the most viewed festival ready styles include neon biker shorts (+190%), rainbow biker shorts (+350%) and romper biker shorts (+300%).

Sequin outfits will also be favored at Coachella this year. Sequin bikini sets have seen breakout searches while sequin bikini tops have generated 40% more page views on Lyst since the beginning of March.

Expect to see boys in sequin outfits too. Shimmery jackets are trending in men’s festival fashion right now and the ASOS Jacket with Cut and Sew Sequins is getting all the attention with a 108% increase in views in the last 14 days.

All this and more for Fashion statement.

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