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Kendal Lee Schuler’s: Top 5 to Prepare for a Swimwear Photo Shoot

The Australian model Kendal Lee Schuler flaunts her enviable figure in swimwear attire out and about on the Beach soaking up the Sun with friends.

Kendal is a proud mother to adorable two-year-old son Ryker Lee, shared with ex-boyfriend Jacob Pedrana.

In her interview to Women Fitness, President, Ms. Namita Nayyar she shared 5 tips she targets to prepare before a swimwear photo shoot.

  1. Drink lots of water the day before
  2. Have a light dinner
  3. Go for a nice walk the morning of the shoot
  4. Try not to exercise the day of the shoot as it will swell your muscles.
  5. Try a yoga class morning of to stretch out and elongate your body.

Stretches that elongate your abdominals will help create that strong, lean middle. Doing yoga regularly will improve your flexibility, posture, and strength, while giving you that fringe benefit you’re looking for-sculpted abs muscles. Poses like Triangle, tree, cat-cow, torso stretch are few to name.

She trains with my amazing trainer, Esther Hesse so every day is different for her workout wise. She adds “But I will say anything to do with the battle ropes and core related are my favourite.”

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