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Lara Bingle: Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

Lara Bingle

 Lara Bingle: Secrets of her weight loss revealedLara Bingle is an Australian fashion model, socialite, businesswoman, brand ambassador, fashion designer and television personality who is best known for appearing in the 2006 Tourism Australia advertising campaign So where the bloody hell are you? Her own reality television series Being Lara Bingle premiered on Network Ten in June 2012.

Bingle was born 22 June 1987 to Graham and Sharon Bingle in Cronulla, New South Wales. She has one older brother, Josh Bingle. Bingle graduated from St Vincent’s College at Potts Point in 2004. Her father died from cancer in 2008.

Bingle has been on the covers of Who, Grazia, Oyster, Woman’s Day, OK!, Famous, and New Idea. Bingle has also appeared in episodes of Home and Away and other shows such as The Celebrity Apprentice Australia and Australia’s Next Top Model.

Bingle competed on the Nine Network’s celebrity ice dancing show Torvill and Dean’s Dancing on Ice, where she was the last woman to be eliminated, resulting in coming runner-up in the series, and in the channel’s ad for the 2006-2007 Ashes series. Nine re-hired Bingle in 2008 as a reporter for a new travel show, Holidays for Sale.
Bingle signed a one-year deal in 2008 with international phone company Vodafone as one of their official ambassadors. Bingle signed a three-year contract (2008-2011) with international icon swimwear label Speedo.

Since 2009, Bingle has been heavily involved as an Ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia. On 4 June 2010, Bingle officially launched the 2010, “Love My Family” ad campaign.
Bingle fired manager Max Markson in early May 2010, exclusively announcing it to Grazia magazine in an un-paid interview. In August 2010, Bingle announced that she had signed with US model agency Elite Models.

Bingle was announced as a contestant in the 2011 series of Dancing With The Stars. The series began airing in May. She was partnered with Carmelo Pizzino. Following her elimination from Dancing With The Stars on 26 June 2011, Bingle told The Kyle and Jackie O Show that she was shocked and upset at having been kicked-off the show, given her competitive streak.

Bingle confirmed on 2DayFM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show that she was in the stages of creating a range of sunglasses and co-creating a coffee table beauty book with her best friend and make-up artist Max May. In June 2011, ROC Eyewear launched a campaign featuring Bingle as the face of the brand and Bingle confirmed a capsule collection is under way.

In December 2011, Bingle was announced to have signed a development deal with Network Ten to star in her own reality television series. Ten commissioned a 10-episode reality television series. The series focuses on both Bingle’s personal and professional life. For the series Bingle relocated to an $8 million Bondi apartment in hopes to make the series more appealing for potential overseas TV buyers.The series Being Lara Bingle premiered on the 12 June 2012 to over 925,000 viewers exceeding expectations and met with mixed reviews from critics.

Bingle has announced she will focus on developing her own fashion brand with business partner George Moskos (founder of Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics skin care range), since filming of her reality television series wrapped. The new fashion line is reported to be a lingerie/basics line. In March 2013, Bingle stated the line had been picked up by a major Australian retailer and would be available late 2013 and also stated she has become the new face of luxury watch brand Breitling and Australian fashion chain Cotton On.

Bingle announced in April 2011 a co-ownership in Growlers restaurant located in Torquay between her and Darryn Lyons. In August, 2010 and March, 2011, Bingle co-hosted Australia radio show The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

On 10 January 2007, Sydney tabloid The Daily Telegraph claimed that Bingle and Australian cricketer Michael Clarke were an item. On 25 March 2008 it was announced that the pair were engaged after Clarke proposed in New York.[19] Clarke’s public relations firm announced the ending of the engagement on 12 March 2010. On 18 October 2013, it was confirmed that Bingle had started a new relationship with fellow Australian and Avatar actor Sam Worthington. Her father Graham Bingle died on 10 May 2008 from liver and pancreatic cancer.

“I lost everything that was weighing me down”, Australian model Lara Bingle says of her recent 12 kilogram weight loss. In a January edition of WHO magazine, Bingle opens up about her newly svelte figure and super toned stomach.

One year ago, Lara was snapped at Bondi Beach in a bikini sporting a shapely figure for her small frame, which resulted in cruel taunts about her weight gain. 12 months later the gorgeous model is having the last laugh, as she debuted her new and improved body, which she reveals is all thanks to reformer Pilates and a healthy, balanced diet. The 25-year-old displayed her lean figure recently in a pair of clingy black leggings and a sports bra after leaving a gym in Sydney, Australia (photo above). Lara was all smiles after a gruelling workout, showing off her toned and trim tummy.

In her recent interview with WHO, Bingle talks candidly about her weight gain. She admits that she was at her heaviest last year and that her boyfriend of 13 months, fashion designer Gareth Moody, was her biggest motivator in losing weight. “I’ve learnt you’ve got to be consistent in your eating and training. Gareth’s taught me that.

Lara Bingle workout

Lara explains. Bingle’s new healthy lifestyle consists of reformer Pilates, super healthy smoothies and a good relationship with food. Lara reveals her weekly exercise routine in the interview, explaining that running increased her appetite and would result in her consuming double the amount of food that she does now. “I noticed once I started doing three to four sessions of Pilates a week that it calmed my crazy life down and I felt a lot more relaxed.

I think that doing different activities and also mixing it up with outdoor sports is good, too, as it is a lot more stimulating than just running on a treadmill. I think its all about incorporating exercise into your life and not letting it be something you are forced into doing, so exercising with my friends and boyfriend always helps.

Lara Bingle Diet

Food is most important, though, because you can train but if you eat badly it wont work.” Lara now eats healthier and smarter as well as participating in tough but rewarding Pilates classes. “With all the exercise that I do, I have to fuel my body, so I start the day with a couple of boiled eggs because I can peel them and eat them on the go, and on the weekends I might have toast with avocado.

For lunch Ill have sashimi, sushi or tuna salad, so I have a lot of protein and salad or vegetables and I also have little snacks throughout the day, like almonds.

For dinner, my boyfriend and I both cook, and its usually just some kind of protein and vegetables. I also have a sweet tooth, so for a treat I have goji berries and dark chocolate, and I love chocolate bullets! I try and eat as organically as possible, so I go to the food markets to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Oh, and I love juices anything green like cucumber, kale, spinach, and also lemon, ginger and apple”.

Lara seems to have found the key to living a balanced, healthy lifestyle as she has never looked more toned, fit or happy!

Almost a year ago she was snapped at Bondi Beach in a bikini, showing off her more shapely figure. But after dropping 26lbs with the aid of Pilates and a healthy diet, Lara Bingle revealed her newly svelte figure on Thursday. The 25-year-old displayed her toned tummy in a pair of clingy black workout leggings and a sports bra after hitting the gym at Iceberg’s in Sydney, Australia.

Earlier, the reality star had slipped into a black one-piece as she indulged in an early morning swim. Lapping up the hot sun, Lara enjoyed a dip in the inviting pool with friends.
She was later seen topping up her tan at the water’s edge as she chatted to her gal pals. Lara opened about her weightloss in a recent interview with Australia’s Who magazine this month.

The reality star revealed that after being at her heaviest weight of 139lbs, she slimmed down with the aid of Pilates and smoothies and her boyfriend, fashion designer Gareth Moody, who was one of her biggest motivators. She said that her beau of 13 months helped influence her new healthy lifestyle.

‘(I) got rid of everything that was weighing me down,’ she said. ‘I’ve learnt you’ve got to be consistent in your eating and training. Gareth’s taught me that.’ Although shes known on Australian TV for competing on Dancing on Ice and starring in a number of high profile ads, Lara has become a household name after landing her own reality show, Being Lara Bingle, which began airing last year.

Taking her new found stardom in her stride, the reality star seems happy and healthy as shes clearly able to fit in lots of relaxation time between shooting. The Aussie beauty, who became known for her penchant for hunky sports stars after dating Australian cricketer Michael Clarke, AFl footballer Brendon Fevola and Kelly Brooks ex Danny Cipriani, has turned her attention to the fashion world. Currently dating Moody, Lara finally seems to have found the one. The stylish couple have been together for over a year, making it one of Laras longest relationships and leading to rumours that an engagement might be on the cards.

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