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Leila Ben Khalifa, Balancing Pregnancy, Staying Fit, And Her First Feature Film Role

Meet Actress Leila Ben Khalifa, the female lead of the upcoming film “Mob Cops,” a feature film currently being shot at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, under the helm of director Danny A. Abeckaser. With an all-star cast like Kevin Connolly and David Arquette, among many other notable names, Khalifa not only worked with established acting greats on her first major role, but she has been shooting it all the while extremely pregnant with her first child. Now that takes some skill. She is also a notable TV Host,  influencer, and overall style personality, with a huge organic social following of over a million followers.

Photos by Olga Miljko

We caught up with Khalifa, to get an inside perspective on her daily fitness and wellness routines, being pregnant, and her acting, as well as some other fun insider info. Read below!

Favorite Workout?

Kickboxing, Yoga and Pilates

How Do You Stay In Shape?

1 exercise each day for 1 hour so I can eat whatever I want 

Photos by Olga Miljko

Diet Hack?

Intermittent fasting – it keeps your weight balanced and is good for the health

Favorite Foods?

Addicted to Pasta

Beauty Hacks?

Ginger, lemon, and hot water in the morning hydrate your skin & apply sunscreen.

Photos by Olga Miljko

5 Beauty/Wellness Essentials?

•Hydrate yourself 


•Sleep well at night 

•An appropriate facial each month 

•Lymphatic massage – these are the best (In Los Angeles offered at

Favorite Hobbies?

Art Galleries and Museums, Fashion, Travel and Music   

Photos by Olga Miljko

Favorite Destination To Travel To?

I’m a child of the world. I always love to discover new places and go for different adventures.

In my checklist, there’s Africa for a wild safari, Peru to see Machu Picchu and a lot of ground to still cover.

Okay, So Being Pregnant Is Incredible, And You Are Doing So Much During This Pregnancy – Tell Us What is Your Favorite Thing About Pregnancy?

Being lucky at 41 years old to be pregnant naturally and growing life inside of me; makes me feel magical! 

Most Excited To Become A Mom Because..? 

Having a baby from pure love is a pure blessing! 

What Do You Love About Acting?

It allows me to be whoever I want and whenever I want. It is like a superpower that enables me to explore a different life in a new character I personify and make my own.

Why Is This A Passion Of Yours?

What I find very fascinating about acting is that you employ your creativity to be transported to another world. 

Projects To Date?

Currently finishing filming Mob Cops directed by Danny A. Abeckaser, and also filmed various international shows such as Chouerreb Season 1 and 2, Emir el Leil, a movie called Maskoun, and a few others.

Why Are You Excited To Shoot in LA?

Everything is exciting about shooting in LA. Hollywood/Los Angeles is the center of the movie industry. All the masterpieces were made here and every actor’s dream is to make it in this town.

Who Are Your Favorite Actors/Role Models, or Acting Icons – past and present?  

Always been a superfan of Sophia Loren, Meryl Streep, and Michelle Pfeiffer. I grew up following these actresses. Angelina Jolie also inspired me greatly.. Not only in her acting career but also in her humanitarian engagements. I love and respect her path and the way she evolved.

Advice To Those Doing A Career Shift Once Established On A Path?

Find a job that works around your acting schedule. 

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