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Reasons Why You Should Consider Life Insurance While You’re Still Young

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As a young adult, getting life insurance is most probably the least important thing in your mind. You’re young, healthy, and full of life, and you want to enjoy the most out of it while there’s still time.

Also, even if you want to, paying for a premium at a time when you’re still jumping from an entry-level job to the next can be very costly. However, when you ask old people what they regret in life, at least a significant portion of them would wish to start life insurance early on.

A crucial part of getting insurance is deciding when you should get coverage. You have to consider several factors when getting coverage, like your age, health, and even the type of insurance you’re planning to get.

The gist here is that the sooner you get insurance, the cheaper it will be as time passes. But is it wise to get insurance at this time in your life? That said, here are some reasons why you should get insurance while you’re still young.

You Can Take Care of Your Family Better

Young adults nowadays have a lot on their plates. They have dependents that they have to take care of, like their spouse and children or their parents, who are at their retirement age. They might even take on debt that their parents took on and haven’t fully paid for them. That said

, the probability of young adults having their savings is low.

So when an emergency comes, they would have a hard time paying for them. Hence, by having insurance, they can take better care of their dependents, especially financially. This can be even better if they’re taking risk covers. Similarly, your life insurance from Assurance can facilitate systematic planning where your premium will be earmarked for specific things.

This will help you create a plan to easily manage your money between unplanned and planned expenses. Most importantly, this will allow you to create a corpus in the case of death, disability, or illness. This will ensure that the money you paid for specific things like long-term medication or education will be paid for. And if you start early, this premium will be much cheaper because of the time you spent paying your insurance.

Your Current Health Can Make It Cheaper

As mentioned earlier, your health is an essential factor that indicates your premium payable. If you’re a healthy young adult, you can opt-out of required medical tests, and you can even be exempted from the health requirements you have to meet when getting insurance. Your premium will be much lower by opting out of these tests and requirements, leading you to pay for a lower monthly payment.

For example, suppose a 20-year-old and 40-year-old opted to get insurance simultaneously with a sum of $10,000,000. The 40-year-old would have to pay an annual premium of $22,185 compared to the 20-year-old who only has to pay $5,428 monthly.

Protection Against Financial Emergencies

The pandemic showed us how things could quickly change in just a couple of weeks. People are losing their jobs left and right, and businesses are closing; it’s like it all happened in the blink of an eye. Many people suddenly lost their primary source of income, resulting in a lot of people struggling financially.

That said, life insurance plans can secure us financially over a lifetime. For example, some insurance plans can give you a source of income monthly that can tide you over as a contingency plan during a financial emergency, like the recent pandemic.

You can use this money as you see fit, like funding your everyday expenses, covering medicinal purchases, or even paying off your debt. If you’re wondering how much you’ll pay for this service, yes, it can be expensive if you start in your 40s, but it’s very cheap if you start your insurance during your 20s.


Compounding is when the capital that you paid for, along with its accrued interest, is invested back to further grow your wealth. ULIPs or United Linked Insurance Plans offer this benefit. The longer your tenure in ULIPs is, the more magnified your returns will be. The gist is that compounding can increase your wealth exponentially, so it’s an excellent decision to start insurance early on.

Build Credit

As a young adult, building credit can be a struggle, especially if you’re having a hard time paying your debts. Without established credit, it will be harder for you to take on loans and such.

That said, if you want to build your credit, monthly payments for an insurance plan can help you build your credit quickly. So not only are you preparing for your future, but you’re also taking care of your financial situation.

Final Words

Although getting an insurance plan is on the back burner of your mind, it’s still an excellent decision to get one for various reasons.

From making sure your family is taken care of financially to having contingency plans for financial emergencies, a premium is a small price to pay for financial security. If you’re waiting for a sign to finally get insurance, this is it.

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